Bolivian justice annuls the arrest warrant against former president

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The Bolivian justice has annulled the arrest warrant against the former leftist president Evo Morales for alleged crimes of terrorism, a week after the election of his dolphin Luís Arce as the new president, Judge Jorge Quino reported on Monday. The arrest warrant against the ex-president exiled in Argentina it has been lifted because “his rights were violated, basically the right to defense because the former president was not duly summoned,” Quino, president of the La Paz Departmental Court of Justice, told the Unitel channel.

Morales prepares his return to Bolivia, after a year in exile, but rule out any participation in the government de Arce and assures that he will dedicate himself to union activity and fish farming. Without the date of the inauguration of Arce and the vice-president-elect David Choquehuanca, Morales has indicated in an interview by Zoom to AFP that the Single Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia will be the body that decides on the day of his return.

“There are colleagues who ask me to go to the office and I am very grateful. Brother (president of Argentina) Alberto Fernández, so supportive, so human, has offered to take me to Bolivia. I have an invitation (to the ceremony). Still social movements are debating. They will decide, “he emphasized.

Regarding his plans once he returns to his country, Morales said to be installed in the Cochambamba region, to resume union activism in which it began in the 80s until reaching the presidency in 2006. “(I will be) in the Tropic of Cochabamba, along with social movements and the MAS (Movement for Socialism). We are going to take care, to defend our process, we are going to accompany Lucho (Luis Arce), of course, we are militants. We will take care of our ideological principles, also social programs for the good of the entire Bolivian people, “he said.
When asked if he would assume any role in the Arce government, he emphatically replied: “No, not at all.”

Electoral fraud

“I will continue as a union leader for as long as they allow me. Personally, (I am going to) dedicate myself to agriculture. I am doing workshops by phone to have fish-raising pools. Tambaquí is very fashionable. fish tambaquí are winning very well, “he said.

Morales, who ruled Bolivia for almost 14 years, resigned the presidency on November 10, 2019, after losing the support of the Armed Forces in the midst of a crisis triggered by allegations of electoral fraud. Initially asylum in Mexico, he took refuge in Argentina in December 2019, when center-leftist Alberto Fernández assumed the presidency.

Morales blames the United States and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, for his departure from power.
“It is a coup from the United States. The empire has managed to prevent Evo from being president. But the empire’s plan, together with the Bolivian right wing, was to outlaw the MAS and they have not been able to,” he said.



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