Bolivian Assembly declares heroes to victims of electoral protests

The Bolivian Chamber of Deputies, with a majority of the ruling Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), approved a tribute from the Chamber declaring heroes to those who died in the post-electoral conflicts of last year, which caused controversy in the opposition, which withdrew from the session due to lack of debate .

The tribute declares “heroes” of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to the victims in the regions of Potosí, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and the cities of La Paz and El Alto for “offering their lives in defense of democracy and the citizen vote “in the conflicts of October and November of last year, according to the Chamber of Deputies.

Anger from the opposition

Last year at least 37 people died in conflicts and social convulsions between October and November after the elections that were later annulled between complaints of electoral fraud, according to data from the Ombudsman’s Office.

The opposition bench, made up of the Comunidad Ciudadana and Creemos alliances, withdrew from the session as a sign of protest, since the parliamentarians denounced that the ruling party established “sufficient discussion” when the opposition wanted to express their opinion on the matter.

Hope of reconciliation

“The MAS did not respect minimally the legislative debate of all the speakers who wanted to make these motions of objection to that distorted tribute and denatured, we did not have the opportunity to express our opinions, “said the deputy and head of the bench in that chamber for the Citizen Community, Carlos Alarcón.

The main observation of the opposition was that the tribute does not include all those who died in the post-election conflicts last year “without exception.”

The MAS “is wasting so that the Legislative Assembly becomes a true space for reunion, of reconciliation, from a complete historical view of the events as they have occurred and not from totally biased positions, “said Alarcón.

Interpretation of reality

For his part, the head of the Creemos deputies bench, Erwin Bazán, indicated that the chamber’s resolution is “biased”, as it tries to impose “a ideological look“of the facts.

“They try to establish a narrative and a historical truth that only favors the MAS, against the Bolivians who were victims of violence and that they deserve justice “, emphasized Bazán.

The deputy stressed that there was hope that the Legislative Assembly would once again be a debate stage that represents the “group of Bolivians” and “not a partiality.”

Election protests

Bolivia registered at the end of 2019 various police and military operations, amidst the tension due to the blockades in the streets, the shortage of food and the constant confrontations for and against then-President Evo Morales, who after his resignation from the Presidency on November 10 left the country denounced that he was forced by a coup.

Bolivian Justice Minister Iván Lima announced that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) will arrive in the country on November 23 to investigate the deaths in the cities of Sacaba and El Alto, where in each case ten civilians were killed by shots fired during military and police operations.



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