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The interim government of Bolivia warned of an environmental disaster in an eastern municipality affected by fires, which have left thousands of hectares damaged and a hundred threatened families.

“From an ecological point of view it is a environmental disasterWe must not hide the truth, “said the interim defense minister, Luis Fernando López, about the situation in the municipality of Postrervalle, in the eastern department of Santa Cruz.

Help families

The situation is difficult, as there are about 70,000 hectares with sources of fire in a dry and windy area, where there are also one hundred families affected, explained the transitory authority.

After flying over the area, López indicated that the families that live in the area will be served with food, water and medical services, and if necessary, they will be evacuated. Some 60 volunteer firefighters and 30 military personnel are stationed in the area to fight the fire, he added.

According to López, for now what is being sought is to prevent the passage of fire from the community of San Marcos to neighboring Moroco, for which two helicopters that will discharge water at the site, in coordination with firefighters from the Santa Cruz Government, the Postrervalle Mayor’s Office and the Armed Forces.

“It is the only action that in technical terms can be done to control the fire“said the acting minister, who also lamented the” devastating images “left by the fires at the site.

Other fires

At another point in Santa Cruz, the Bolivian Navy displaced sailors who helped mitigate the fire that two weeks ago threatened the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, one of the main nature reserves from the country.

The Navy troops they are attentive to the possibility that the fire will be reactivated in the area, said the commander of the Naval Base “Ramón Darío Gutiérrez & rdquor ;, Jawer Mejía, according to that institution.

Thirty fires

The director of the Authority for the Supervision and Social Control of Forests and Land (ABT), Víctor Hugo Áñez, reported that there is evidence of a thirty forest fires in Bolivia, the majority in Santa Cruz, where last night it was necessary to evacuate residents of Postrervalle.

Áñez also highlighted a “pioneering” sentence in the country in the fight against intentional fires, imposed on two men found “in flagrante delicto” when they started a fire near Kaa Iya National Park, in Santa Cruz.



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