Bolivia still awaits final vote count

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Bolivia followed this Wednesday the waiting for the final count to confirm the victory of Luis Arce as president-elect, in a transitional environment for the return to power of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), while the OAS highlighted the success of the electoral day without fraudulent actions.

The count was still at 90 percent of the votes late into the night, although since Sunday’s vote, Arce is considered the virtual winner of the elections.

Some protests denouncing electoral fraud again They barely tarnished a victory that is taken for granted by the MAS, and both the Parliament, which dominates this party, and the interim government of Jeanine Áñez are already preparing the transition.

The final result is waiting

At 8:30 p.m. local time (00:30 GMT Thursday) the general election vote count was still at about 90 percent counted.

In the absence of the remaining 10 percent, the MAS presidential candidate reached 54.4 percent, above the 50 percent plus one of the votes that he needs to be proclaimed winner.

The virtual new president of Bolivia continues to receive congratulations from the international community, which widely already recognizes him as the next president of the country until 2025.

The ex-president Carlos Mesa, from the Citizen Community, reaches 29.1 percent of the votes, and Luis Fernando Camacho at 14.2 percent.

Camacho’s running mate, Marco Pumari, a vice-presidential candidate, lashed out in front of the people in the plaza of the Andean city of Potosí, in a singular call to apologize for not having won, in which he received a shower of tomatoes, orange peels and insults, giving the note of the day.

The count is closed in the external vote and in five of the nine regions of the country, while it continues in the rest.

The interim Minister of Government (Interior), Arturo Murillo, once very critical of the MAS, insisted on the message of the transitory Executive of Áñez for a smooth transition in the transfer of power.

Murillo guaranteed security in the face of some protests in front of the venues where the count continues in cities like Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, by groups that denounce electoral fraud in favor of the MAS, although both the interim government and Carlos Mesa, the main rival at the polls, acknowledge the victory of this party.

“We don’t want confrontations, we don’t want deaths, we don’t want convulsion,” he told the media in La Paz.

The Legislative, with a majority of the MAS, also prepares the replacement for the new deputies and senators who come out of the election.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Choque, announced that “a transition committee” is already planned led by veteran MPs to welcome new legislators.

David Choquehuanca, the virtual new vice president of the country, who from that position will preside over the Bolivian Parliament, will be the one who places the presidential sash on his fellow candidate Luis Arce, advanced the president of the Senate.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia provides that the inauguration of the president, vice president and new Legislative Assembly may be held in the first fortnight of November.

Choquehuanca commented to the media in La Paz that it could be from the 10th of that next month.

The OAS reappears on the scene

These elections in Bolivia were held practically a year after the October 20, 2019 elections, which were later annulled amid allegations of fraud in favor of then-president Evo Morales, the MAS leader who from Argentina has led his party’s electoral campaign for this new electoral appointment.

Morales and the MAS have always denied that there was fraud and they have denounced that what took place was a coup to deprive them of that electoral victory, blaming, among others, the Organization of American States (OAS) for a report that last year warned that the result was manipulated.

This Wednesday the preliminary report of the OAS on last Sunday’s elections He observed that compared to last year, Bolivia now has “an independent electoral authority and had a more equitable contest, which resulted in a successful election day in which no fraudulent actions were presented.”

“Citizens voted freely and the result has been overwhelming,” he added, and recognized “a high level of legitimacy for the incoming government, Bolivian institutions and the electoral process as a whole.”

The observer mission of the continental organization congratulated Arce without hesitation, while in the streets a few protests denounced that there was again fraud, in the face of the wide recognition of the virtual new president who will return to the MAS the power in Bolivia that for almost fourteen years he exercised with Evo Morales.



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