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The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, denounced before the UN General Assembly that Argentina exercises “systematic and abusive harassment” against her with Evo Morales in the middle.

“What is the authority of the Argentine government to make interference the key to its foreign policy towards Bolivia and what is the authority it has to protect a violent conspiracy by Evo Morales against Bolivian democracy, “the transitory president asked in a recorded speech.

Trials against Evo Morales

Áñez questioned an alleged authority that the Argentine government would throw itself to “to offer impunity“to Evo Morales, who has been in Argentina since last December.

The former Bolivian president faces criminal proceedings before the Bolivian Justice “for violation of human rights, for rape against girls or underage women, “said Áñez, who referred to Morales as an” ex-dictator. “

“Know the Kirchner populism that the Bolivian nation is not the private property of any caste, Bolivian democracy is respected, the Bolivian people are respected “, emphasized the transitional Bolivian president.

Caste system

Áñez said that the case of the relationship with Argentina “It is different” unlike Cuba, a country with which he admitted that there are ideological differences but has a link with “due respect and courtesy.”

The acting Head of State compared the actions of the Argentine Government with that of the “populist castes”, since he considered that he uses “frankly abusive methods to support his plans, power and his positions contrary to freedom.”

He Interim Government of Bolivia maintains a relationship with many frictions from the moment that former Bolivian president Evo Morales arrived in that country to request refuge at the end of last year, from where the Movimiento Al Socialismo acts as campaign manager for his party for the October elections in Bolivia.

Authoritarianism and populism

At the beginning of his speech, Áñez mentioned that the roads that Latin America He has before him are not those of the left or right, statism or neoliberalism or socialism or capitalism, but the choice between “freedom” and “oppression”.

“Let us admit that Latin America has not overcome the authoritarian threat” and that the threat of “government projects remains. caudillista populism and authoritarian, “he emphasized. Áñez invited the countries of the world to observe the electoral process on October 18 in Bolivia, which he said will be” clean and without fraud. “



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