Bol doesn’t want to wait until Games in Paris. ‘I’m in great condition for Tokyo’, he said.

Femke Bol is just 21 years old, so she should not be at her best. However, that doesn’t mean she has no ambitions to travel to Tokyo. Amersfoort’s Amersfoort athlete is making remarkable progress in the 400 meter hurdles. She wants to make her Olympic debut.

Bol said that she is in great physical condition and wants to keep it up in Tokyo. Bol set the Dutch record in Stockholm for the 12th time this year. In Stockholm, Bol ran 52.37 seconds, which makes her fourth-fastest woman ever.

Out of all the current active runners, only the Americans Dalilah Muslim (52.16) (holders of the world record with 51.90), and Sydney McLaughlin (51.96) ran faster. Bol is not the top choice for Olympic gold but could change at the Paris Games in 2024.

“I don’t see it this way right now. While I realize that I’m still young and will not be the same or better in three more years, I can assure you that I will continue to improve my skills. Although I know I won’t be able to do it all, I want to prove what I can do in Tokyo.

The 400-meter hurdles: fastest times ever

  • Sydney McLaughlin – 51.90 (2021).
  • Dalilah Muhammad (VS) – 52.16 (2019)
  • Dalilah Muhammad (VS) – 52.20 (2019)
  • Sydney McLaughlin VS – 52.23 (2019)
  • Yulia Pechonkina, Russia – 52.34 (2003/04)
  • Femke Bol (Netherlands), – 52.37 (2021).
  • Shamier Little (VS) – 52,39 (2021)

Since last month Sydney McLaughlin has held the world record in the 400 meter hurdles.

‘It was nice for me to read’

It is bizarre that Bol will only be able to measure herself against McLaughlin or Muhammad in Tokyo. Two years ago, Bol was content with 56.37 as a time and a place at the semi-finals of the World Cup. She has experienced a tremendous development in the years since, but it didn’t lead to an encounter with the American top women.

Bol has therefore had little to no contact with McLaughlin or Muhammad. “I saw that Dalilah had posted on Instagram that my 52.37 was a amazing race Used to be. It was nice to see. Dalilah is someone I have looked up to for many years.

Tokyo Olympics start on July 23rd, and the Athletics Tournament begins on July 30th. The closing ceremony will be held on August 8.



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