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It is the actor Hovik Keuchkerian. He feels endangered by his pro-Armenian statements.

The actor, writer and former Spanish boxer of Armenian origin, Hovik Keuchkerian, known for his role as “Bogotá” in the series La casa de Papel, which became known worldwide for its exposure on Netflix, gave an interview to the site Confidential Digital in which He confessed that he must go to work with custody, after his emotional video in defense of the territories of Artsaj (Nagorno Karabah).

In the interview, Hovik Keuchkerian relates that he was born in Beirut in 1972, he is Armenian and at the age of three he arrived in Spain fleeing the war in Lebanon. Regarding the situation in Artsaj (Nagorno Karabakh), he denounced that it is “a clear attempt by Erdogan’s Turkey and Aliyev’s Azerbaijan to initiate a new genocide against the Armenian people.”

“Now in the middle of 2020, with which it is falling, when only talking about the pandemic, nobody has time to talk about what is happening in Armenia,” said Keuchkerian, who assured that if the Armenian Army surrenders, “what they will do is shoot them all.”

His video “Stop the Azeri aggression” became one of the most powerful demands and voices and that best describe the conflict in Nagorno Karabagh.

The actor confesses that he spent two very complicated weeks before taking the video where he makes this public appeal to the international community denouncing the situation his compatriots are experiencing. First, because he knew that he was exposing himself to high risk, since as he himself assures, “these people have a lot of power.” But on the other hand, He has spent his whole life going to Armenia and seeing the reality of what they are suffering there for what he had to make this claim, which he made supported by his family, he told the newspaper Confidencial Digital.

“As a well-known character I have a moral obligation to be a speaker”Keuchkerian said on the matter.

While, The paper house He resumed the recordings of his fifth season, after the forced stop he suffered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Is so The new scenes of the expensive production began to be shot in Denmark, Spain and Portugal.l. A few days were enough from when the work team and actors mobilized to the city of Copenhagen to begin the recordings for the first images to be filtered.

And just as it was through social networks that the start of filming had been announced and the new figures were announced, now through Twitter users shared unique images that hide a key secret of this new installment.

The scenes that managed to be seen from fiction have to do with the classic flashbacks of the Professorr, played by Álvaro Morte, and they go to a moment before the robbery of the Casa de la Moneda.

And the characters that appear in the sequence are Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and Marsella (Luka Peros).

But what caught the attention of the legion of fans of the Spanish series is the presence of Patrick Criado, one of the new faces along with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Velvet’s heartthrob, Sky Rojo, Sense 8.



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