He body neutrality It is a movement that, like the body positive, tries to give visibility to real and not perfect bodies, but with a difference: the body neutrality do not seek to praise the body, simply, see it as something neutral, accepting as it is and without forcing you to love it completely and at all hours.

Thus, more and more familiar faces and people are joining this movement on social networks, criticizing the body positive, since marketing strategies have used this term to sell more, ending its meaning

Tania Llasera undresses without complexes to talk about ‘body neutrality’: “The ‘body positive’ can be toxic for me”

Thus, this new movement, which arises as an alternative, does not try to make people always comfortable with their body, since it is not always possible to be comfortable and that pressure to try to be so can end up tiring people. So, he body neutrality has emerged to give visibility to normal bodies, who do not have to follow beauty standards, but seeing them as neutral, without pressure to try to accept themselves.

Some celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jameela Jamil or Tania Llasera defend this movement on social networks: “I find that the #bodypositive movement can sometimes be somewhat toxic to me. I don’t like being forced to like me every second, “Tania wrote in one of her posts.

“I sign up for this way of seeing myself without positive or negative judgment. My body is neutral and I love it from time to time and from time to time not and that’s fine, “Llasera continues to explain.” An arm is an arm … you are not obliged to adore it, nor to hate it; it can simply exist in a neutral way, “concludes the presenter.