Body models Simaria’s body and singer wins praise from famous: ‘Wonderful’

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Simaria recalls diagnosis of covid-19

In the last month, Simaria was diagnosed with coronavirus, but has already cured the disease. According to the singer, she took everything lightly. “I went through the situation calmly. The only thing I felt in the late afternoon was a headache,” he reported in the “Encounter”. Part of this is due to the case of ganglion tuberculosis that the artist had in 2018, the year she was away from the stage for several months. Simaria believes that she became a new person after her illness and this helped her to fulfill the weeks of isolation at home: “After my tuberculosis, I became a much more peaceful person. I spent the 15 days with a lot of serenity in the room”.

Singer says she is in therapy

On another occasion, Simaria revealed that he has been undergoing therapy for many years. The singer explained that her mother placed many responsibilities on her as a girl. “My mother always said that I was the mainstay of the family. That weighed on me. I have to pay for it somehow. And it was incredible, the therapy helped me a lot. Since I got sick, I do it a lot more often,” he said.

Artist opens the game about personal life

Simaria also opened her heart about her relationship with her husband, Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig. “Love is everything, I think that when you arrive with a smile, taking the wave, everything becomes lighter. You have to be okay with yourself. Of course, sometimes we get angry and stuff. Of course! But Vicente and I have taken to our quarantine with great serenity. Marriage is not easy for anyone, but it has love and respect. What I learned from all this is that we need to give in. We have our limits and always pay attention to our feelings. We have to give things without waiting nothing in return, “he declared.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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