Boca vs Caracas, for the Copa Libertadores: Carlos Tevez reached 20 goals in the tournament and is close to Juan Román Riquelme and Martín Palermo

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At 36 years of age, his desire to compete does not wane and ahead he has as a carrot to increase his scoring mark for the club in the continental tournament.

In this Copa Libertadores, it is demonstrated that Carlos Tevez’s desire is still valid. So much so that with the two goals that he scored for Caracas tonight in the Bombonera, the Apache share alone the scorers’ podium of the team in the continental tournament, along with Juan Román Riquelme and Martín Palermo.

Tevez had 18 goals converted in the Cup, the same as Marcelo Delgado placeholder image and that Guillermo Barros Schelotto in this international championship, although with a small detail: Charlie Brown so far he only managed to lift this trophy once.

To be left alone as Boca’s third leading scorer in this tournament, he needed at least one more shout. And he did it twice, to get to 20.

The second player with the most conquests in the Cup is Martín Palermo, who scored 23 goals. Perhaps one of Boca’s few scoring records in which he is not the leader.

At the top of the top scorers for the blue and gold jersey in the Libertadores, with 25 appears Juan Román Riquelme, who also managed to lift the Cup three times.

At 36, Tevez was one of the players about whom there was uncertainty due to the response of his physique. Not because of his professionalism, but because at his age, the almost six months of in-person training due to the pandemic could have generated another type of deterioration.

But when the Libertadores returned, they noticed it well, in rhythm. And something even more relevant: wanting to compete. And on Wednesday night against Caracas, he first pushed a Cardona center and then defined in a lethal heads up.

After a contract renewal that was discussed privately and also in the media, on the pitch and with the captain’s tape, Tevez once again seemed committed to Boca’s goal: pursue the seventh Liberators until reaching it.

While Charlie Brown has the chance to leave the club at the end of the year, a possible continuity in the instances of the Copa Libertadores may be the ideal scenario for him to continue on a day-to-day basis if his body does not say enough.

The importance of Tevez in the privacy of the coaching staff is also key. For something, it was Miguel Russo who insistently asked to agree on the extension of his contract, which was signed for 18 months (Boca is already classified for the 2021 Cup), but with the possibility of terminating it every semester if the player intends to emigrate or retire .

He Apache He is the only player on the squad who knows what it is to win the Cup dressed in blue and gold. He was also the one who captained and suffered the last eliminations, so his permanence in the squad is key to contagion in search of the ultimate goal.


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