Boca: the variants that Miguel Ángel Russo handles in search of the passage to the second round of the Copa Libertadores

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The coach defines the team that will go to Libertad on Tuesday for the point that is left to advance to the next round of the tournament.

After receiving good news from the negative swab results, Miguel Ángel Russo’s head outlines the team that will receive Libertad from Paraguay on Tuesday to seek the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores. With the tie it will reach him to be among the best 16 teams in America, he achieved that he achieved in the last 15 editions he played.

In accordance with statistics but with several points to improve from the game, the coach will decide if he holds the same pieces of the defense and also who will be the replacement for the injured Gonzalo Maroni.

In Medellín, before Maroni’s injury, he jumped onto the field Agustin Obando. With different characteristics, more positional in the retreat for the midfield and with less explosion, the left-hander appears as the first alternative to complete a half of the court that will also have Eduardo Salvio, Campuzano (he has 2 yellows and is at the limit of a penalty ) and Pol Fernández.

If the kid born in the Inferiors plays, in addition to his tactical location, he must compensate for the attack that fell completely down the right lane with Salvio’s rises.

That left wing also misses another key footballer: Frank Fabra. It is that the winger had become a decisive attacking piece in the team that achieved the Super League (he added 5 assists) and for the coach the form of prominence that Boca needs against rivals who await him is to be able to surprise also from his sides.

In the first two games of the restart of the Cup, both were missing (Julio Buffarini is still out due to an injury), but now there is the chance to include the Colombian again in the place he defended Emmanuel Mas.

It is true: it took Fabra a little more to get in tune from the physical and the response of the former San Lorenzo was also positive in the air game. What will Russo do? When both are in full swing, the undisputed starter will be Fabra, who also has 9 goals in his stay at the club.

Why is Edwin Cardona still not considered for ownership? It is not ruled out, but its characteristics coincide more with a change in the game system that needs more shooting in training, something that Boca still did not have.

15 days ago he had to stop the practices due to the outbreak of coronavirus infections and then he had two games (with trips included) for the Cup.

Cardona’s appearance in both games was in another position: he accompanied the “9” on duty. That is why his last name may begin to gain ground as a replacement for Carlos Tevez to position himself as a hitch, but with at least a tactical setback to the left.

Sebastián Villa left a vacant place in the team since the leadership decided that he should not play until his judicial situation is resolved due to the complaint of his ex-partner for gender violence. In this matter, the soccer player’s defense seeks an unofficial agreement with the complainant to unblock his legal situation.

A key match is coming for the Libertadores and with a point Boca will be in the next phase with a more pending local match: against Caracas, on October 22. Russo’s idea is to rediscover the rhythm of the game that transformed him into a much more offensive, efficient and leading team than the one seen in the last game in Colombia.



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