Boca: the hilarious anecdote of captain Carlitos Tevez with Park Ji-Sung and Patrice Evra

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In full life with his friend, the comedian “El Mazi”, the 10 xeneize recalled a funny moment when he shared a team at Manchester United with the French and the Korean.

The mischief and impudence, added to the years of experience in the world of football, made Carlos Tevez in a great counter of football anecdotes. From his time in Brazil, England, Italy and China, the man from Boca accumulated thousands of experiences and, every time he lets go, he begins to review them with a grace that makes it impossible to hide his laughter. That was what happened this Wednesday, in a live safety pin that Carlitos starred in with the comedian and instagramer “El Mazi”, on his channel “ElMazisolo”.

Tevez and the comedian have a great friendship and that was reflected in the talk, where the player was completely relaxed and very funny. Thus, little by little Carlitos was recounting different anecdotes, until he reached a very particular one that had as protagonists Patrice Evra Y Park ji-sung, who were companions of the Argentine in the Manchester United.

This happened while the current Boca player was playing a game with his teammates. While he explained how the card game was and with a blow to the loser’s hand, Tevez started with his story: “Sure, what are you doing …? An Argentine, a Korean and a French … Who are you going to shit? Korean! You always screw up Korean. The Korean always lost because he always passed … We one and bye. Korean always charged, do you understand? “

And he continued: “One day, we were hot. I lose myself and the Korean gives me. And it hurt”. Trying to hold back the laughter Mazi asked him: “Did it bite you?” “It stung me, it stung me …”, Tevez confirmed, who then continued with his story: “It was my turn, you saw … I put my fingers, the Korean goes over, I take out the letter: ‘four’. Ready, the Korean charges. I grab the shoes, I don’t lie to you Mazi, I grab the shoes and hit her. “

To close, he told what was Ji-Sung’s reaction after the coup: “You saw that the Korean is white … even more white got. And you could see that a tear was falling. We were dying of laughter with Patrice (Evra). And Patrice tells me, ‘I never saw a Korean drop a diamond’. A tear fell. Later, the Korean wanted to play all the time to keep hitting and I told him: ‘no, I don’t play anymore, I don’t play anymore’ … And the hotter it got “.

Tevez shared two years at Manchester United with Park Ji-Sung and, together with Evra, and they formed a great friendship. In fact, the three of them always went everywhere together: trips, practices, rallies, goal celebrations. In one of those many shared moments, they lived this funny anecdote that Carlitos related more than 11 years later.



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