Boca returned in the Copa Libertadores: the four certainties that Miguel Russo had left after the great victory in Paraguay

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The coach knows that his team was one step away from the round of 16 and that it passed a litmus test after so many problems.

Boca’s great victory in Asunción against Libertad for the Copa Libertadores left a lot of analysis material in the privacy of the coaching staff that has Miguel Ángel Russo in front, despite the fact that the coach could not be in the game in Paraguay and followed him from his house.

After so long without competition and beyond the logical evaluation of keeping the three points, the first conclusions gave positive signals for what is to come, with relevant points.

And qualification for the round of 16 of the continental tournament, the club’s great goal since it won the Super League against River, is closer on the horizon.

The great doubt, as in all Argentine teams, was in the lack of rhythm of the game and in the decrease in the physical for the high competition. With an addition: of all the teams that played on Thursday, Boca was the one that was able to complete the least training sessions as a result of the outbreak of infections that was already behind.

That is why one of the great accolades went to the physical trainer Damián Lanatta, to whom several of the footballers also thanked him for the follow-up he did on a day-to-day basis during practices via Zoom, when he could not even train.

Barring the logical aches and pains after a game, the fatigue did show up but it didn’t hurt the team. And from now on it will be all progressive, with normal work and recovery days.

Boca played without several of the starters who won the Super League against River. Among them was the Peruvian Zambrano, who looked very firm in the passing game and tried more than one advance with criteria. With minutes of training and getting to know his teammates, for the coach he can be a key replacement in the center back.

In privacy, the participation of Gonzalo Maroni (It started from highest to lowest) and the ratification of Capaldo as a spare wheel when the game needs more muscle in the midfield. Even Bou, in a little while, left a positive signal not to give him a loan and keep him on the squad.

The DT, in a calendar that is assumed tight, thinks about rotating footballers to expand the player base, because he will need everyone in this tight quarter.

The best in the Super League that Boca won 6 months ago had been Salvio, Campuzano and Tevez. They were joined by Villa, with an explosion in his offensive game. But except for the Colombian, who has a complaint for gender violence that took him out of the competition, they all returned with the firmness that they had finished.

This, with two other goals; Campuzano, to be the best in a midfield that he amalgamates with Pol Fernández by heart; and also Tevez, who despite his 36 years once again had a good first half and brought experience to this type of international meeting. Andrada, meanwhile, added another undefeated fence.

The victory in Paraguay also paved the way for Boca to the knockout stages on points. That is why now Russo will have the chance to rest some pieces for the flight to Colombia and face Independiente Medellín with other surnames and prepare with more time the two home games to define the group, against Libertad and Caracas.

Just as Leo Jara and Emmanuel Mas replaced Buffarini and Fabra on the wings, now they may have the chance to play Cardona (he joined Asunción for a few minutes), Capaldo and some of the youths that Russo added to training and those he wants to give him. fast track in this type of encounter. Will there also be a chance in the goal for Agustín Rossi?


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