Boca points to the change of tactical scheme to receive Libertad for the passage to the round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores

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Gonzalo Maroni’s injury could open the way to alternatives such as Andrés Obando or Edwin Cardona, with different characteristics.

Boca has one foot in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, after achieving two victories in seven days in Asunción and Medellín, which cleared up doubts about how the team would respond after six months without competition. To be again among the 16 best in America, it will reach him on Tuesday with a home draw against Libertad from Paraguay, who no longer has Ramón Díaz, who I quit after losing to Caracas.

The points obtained make Miguel Russo and company rest. But the team still seeks to consolidate the style of play that it had incorporated in the Super League that it snatched from River, but that it still has today one gear less. So things, the chance to modify the tactical scheme can gain ground.

Is the level different from that of the Super League only due to the absence of Sebastián Villa in the team? In reality, in addition to the lack of explosive speed of the Colombian, whom the Justice investigates for a cause of gender violence reported by his former partner, there are other factors that condition Boca’s present.

The starting full-backs were not present in the two Cup games, for different reasons. On the right, Julio Buffarini he was injured and that is why he was absent against Libertad and Independiente Medellín. But on the left the matrix was completely changed: Emmanuel Mas he was in replacement of Frank Fabra and he complied, but with a defensive facet.

Still without being at the ideal physical point, the Colombian is another attacking piece (in the Super League he had 5 assists) and in the absence of Villa it would even be a solution for the left lane.

The participation of Gonzalo Maroni He went from highest to lowest, but ended up with a muscle injury that took him out of the game in Medellín. Of other characteristics to those of Villa, the DT opted to shoot it.

On the left, without Maroni, the coach – this time he will be on the bench – must lean towards an option that begins to leave behind an idea of ​​the game that, without Villa, only has Salvio with decisive speed on the right.

An alternative is Agustin Obando, who entered through Maroni a little lacking in rhythm. His game is much more positional and without the explosion that is needed in that sector. The other alternative is Edwin Cardona, for whom the path of the entire left wing reduces the playing margin he needs to face the goal.

Due to these situations, modifying the tactical scheme is a possibility for Tuesday: leaving the 4-2-3-1 to go for a 4-3-1-2 with a link that can be run in the reverse to the left to occupy a empty site.

Will the Football Council have scored any reinforcement to incorporate in these weeks? The name of Damien Batallini It was on the agenda for months, but it was not advanced for it. The same happened with Centurión and even on the horizon the return of Cristian Pavón may appear, but not before December 31, which is when his loan in Los Angeles Galaxy expires.

The first sign of what is to come may appear on Tuesday, in the Bombonera. The temporal proximity can throw variations due to the physical issue. Is that the squad played on Thursday in Medellín, slept in that Colombian city and flew on Friday morning to Buenos Aires, where they will train Saturday and Sunday.



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