Boca does not withdraw from the market and seeks a reinforcement to replace Sebastián Villa

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The Football Council did not lower the blind and hopes to add a player before the closing of the pass book. Until now it has brought Javier García and Edwin Cardona and Gonzalo Maroni, Walter Bou and Mateo Retegui have returned.

It seemed that the blind was already down all the way, with no chance of it opening again in this transfer market. But suddenly, almost around closing time, Boca He suddenly picked it up again and left it open the possibility of adding some last minute reinforcement, with some tempting “offer” that reaches the foot on the hour. A replacement for the position vacated by Sebastián Villa? The Colombian was removed from the squad and will no longer play in Boca by decision of the leadership xeneize. They are waiting for an offer from abroad to be transferred.

The reality is that the extensive market for pandemic countries brought Boca to Javier Garcia Y Edwin cardona, in addition to the returns of Gonzalo Maroni, Walter Bou and Mateo Retegui, although it was not possible for the Soccer Council to incorporate the names that it was looking for at first, those who thought they could give a quality leap to the squad. Mauricio Isla or William Tesillo.

The offers made by the club immediately collided with the claims of the clubs and the contractual demands of the footballers, so Tesillo continued – and renewed – in León de México and Isla preferred a richer market such as the Brazilian and headed for Flamengo .

Michelangelo Russo, with his style of not going to the clash publicly, he sent a message in the press conference he gave when the face-to-face training came back in early August. “I am happy with the squad I have and the rest will be seen. We will surely have many competitions and we must be prepared. Today, Boca needs a very important squad“said the DT at the time.

However, Boca waited for the start of the competition and, despite having qualified for the round of 16, after the three games decided to reopen the blind. “We are not withdrawing from the market,” they assured Olé.

The idea is not to miss any economic opportunity that appears these days, before the closing of the pass book, and to return to “attack” if they find a footballer to join Russo’s squad.

And although there is no specific position, in these three games Villa’s absence was felt on the left wing, in which the DT tested Gonzalo Maroni and also gave Nicolás {as Capaldo minutes, without any of them managing to replace the Colombian’s loss.

The other positions in which the leadership did not stop looking are the right back, after not agreeing to renew with Buffarini, and the center forward, where Franco Soldano and Ramón “Wanchope” Ábila are, one with little goal and the other with many injuries. “We have to wait”, added from the club. Will there be a goal on time?

On the other hand, Boca was one of the few teams that did not play friendlies this weekend. However, already has action scheduled for the next few days …

The first will be this Wednesday 7, in Ezeiza, against Argentinos Juniors. And the other, on Saturday 10 against Tigre. Boca will have to play again officially on Thursday 22 when they host Caracas at the Bombonera, on the sixth and last date of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Cardona, Buffarini, Ábila and Mauro Zárate will have filming in these matches.



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