Boca does not neglect the transfer market: between the possible exits and the lack of definition by an old acquaintance

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Villa is a candidate to leave and there is expectation for possible offers by other players. Cristian Pavón continues with the doors open.

Most of the attention in Boca is focused on the health issue: on Wednesday they will do the complementary studies so that those players who test negative for coronavirus can return to training. All with a view to the restart of a Copa Libertadores in which Conmebol, despite the problems, does not give up on the idea of ​​starting the wheel again in just over a week. But in the meantime, in the club do not stop being attentive to what can come out of a pass market that suddenly fell into the background, but is still open to several of his players.

For Sebastián Villa, key in the Super League title that they snatched from River on the last day, the club has already rejected two proposals from Atlético Mineiro. One, for a very low loan. The other, for the purchase of 50 percent of his token for an amount that the club considered insufficient, although the club that has Jorge Sampaoli as DT announced that they will seek to improve that original idea.

In the midst of a judicial conflict based on a complaint of gender violence by a former partner, in Boca they were cautious with the situation of the Colombian. The sporting (and economic assessment for a transfer) is still intact, but the context changed everything and that is why they await a judicial resolution while listening to offers for him.

Will a better European proposal than Atlético Mineiro appear? In the club they do not close the door to any possibility and it will be Miguel Ángel Russo who ends up defining whether or not he can use the player, despite the fact that the intention of the club is to avoid a conflict. Something else: his representatives (the same ones who manage Juan Fernando Quintero, in conflict with River, already Jorge Carrascal) are moving to bring to the Soccer Council options for a forward exit.

But it is not the only name linked to Boca that can give news in the pass market. From Trabzonspor of Turkey they announced that they will again make an attempt to take Ivan Marcone (already recovered from Covid 19), although they know that Boca has already rejected a loan of 2 million euros with an option to purchase another 3 million. He Xeneize he intends, at least, a transfer of 4 million for the central midfielder that today appears as a substitute in Russo’s eyes.

And the offers for Esteban Andrada and Agustín Rossi? After several weeks of consultations on conditions, the Football Council has still not received formal proposals from any European team (the transfer window is open until October) to stay with any of the players in a position in which they are already covered in case someone has to emigrate.

And the purchases? In the Soccer Council they are in a constant survey of what happens in European teams, with offers that for now are rejected but that are pending evaluations for the immediate future, after December.

Cristian Pavón also enters that stage, who is in a good present in Los Angeles Galaxy. The link from Cordoba ends in December and the United States has already warned that the purchase option of 20 million dollars cannot be executed, but they began talks to be able to make a proposal for the forward.

In Boca they will listen to them and they also hope that from Europe they will appear interested, although the priority is the group of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Mind you, any offer must exceed $ 12 million to start a talk. Otherwise, in Boca they will receive Pavón with open arms as reinforcement from January 1, 2021.



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