Bob Woodward: “America needs Joe Biden’s calm and not Donald Trump’s anger”

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The prestigious Washington Post journalist harshly criticizes the current president and explains why he prefers the Democratic candidate.

The United States “needs Biden’s calm” and not “Trump’s anger,” the journalist said on Friday. Bob Woodward, winner of two Pulitzer prizes and author of the controversial book “Rage“(” Rage “), in which he reveals that the US president purposely minimized the danger of covid-19 as a strategy.

“Biden is the type of person who instead of provoking anger, generates calm. If he had written a book about him, the title would be ‘Healing’, that is his nature and that is what the country needs,” said the journalist, known for having uncovered the Watergate case in the 1970s.

His new book, which came out in September, accuses the US president of having sent mixed signals regarding the pandemic and having failed to assume responsibility for the more than 228,000 deaths caused by the new coronavirus in the country.

“I provoke anger, I do not know if it is an asset or a risk, but it is what I do”, was the phrase of Donald Trump that led Woodward to headline “Anger” to this new publication, which generated controversy and shook the foundations of the White House for its strong criticism against the president American.

For the journalist there is “nothing clear” about who will win in next Tuesday’s elections, in which Trump faces Democrat Joe Biden and his re-election as president of the United States is at stake.

“Biden, on the other hand, is someone natural, who knows how to listen. Always willing to negotiate with the Republicans,” explained the writer during a conference in Santiago, Chile, which he attended virtually.

According to Woodward, the current president knew the seriousness that the new coronavirus would bring since last January and went so far as to admit that he “deliberately” downplayed it as a political trick.

“Trump knew then that the virus was going to shake the United States. Everyone predicted it was going to be a disaster, but he did not want to make it public. He hid it,” he said.

The book maintains that Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, warned the president, during a meeting at the White House on January 28, that the new coronavirus was going to be “the greatest national security threat” of his government. mandate.

Ten days later, the president spoke by phone with Woodward and He confessed that he believed the situation was “much more serious” than he had admitted, explained the journalist who published most of the interviews in the Washington Post.

“This decision to hide the seriousness of the situation not only had an impact on the United States, but on the whole world. If Trump had done something at that time, tens of thousands of lives could have been saved,” said the author.

The most “difficult” facet of the president is that “you never know when he is telling the truth,” added the writer, who interviewed the current president 18 different times.

Woodward was also critical of Trump’s management in the face of the massive wave of protests against racism Institutional law that was unleashed in May after George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minnesota.

“He never understood the problem of racial inequality. Trump is totally removed from the reality of the people of his country: of the black minorities and the poorest. It is a nightmare,” he explained.

Woodward’s latest book, which is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with Trump, with witnesses, emails and confidential documents, is the second that the journalist publishes about the president, two years after his great success “Fear: Trump in the White House “(” Fear: Trump in the White House “).

“The leader of a country inevitably has to unite the people, he cannot lead just one faction and these elections are an opportunity for someone like this to arrive,” he concluded.


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