Bob Odenkirk thirsty for revenge in the first photos of the action movie

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Bob Odenkirk stars in a revenge movie produced by John Wick director David Leitch. Entertainment Weekly gives us the first stage photos.

Bob Odenkirk, alias Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad e Better Call Saul, is he the new action-hero of American cinema? Maybe it is, or at least that’s what two of the first three images of Nobody, published by Entertainment Weekly. In the shots the actor looks rather battered: he has unkempt hair and a face full of scratches. He also looks very angry and smokes a cigarette like an old French noir character.

Nobody comes from an idea of ​​the same Bob Odenkirk, which submitted it to Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter of John Wick. Kolstad he then wrote a script that convinced David Leitch (the director of John Wick e Atomic Blonde) to produce the film. The story being told is that of a man named Hutch Mansell who goes into crisis when someone who has not been invited breaks into his home threatening his family. Hutch he suffers from PTSD and the long-dormant anger comes out violently pushing him to a terrible revenge that will only make things worse. The theatrical release is scheduled for February 19, 2021.

Bob Odenkirk spoke extensively of Nobody right to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “I really wanted to push myself far, let’s say 180 degrees away from my comfort zone. I wanted to give my all to this character, his anger and his dedication to what he’s doing.”
The actor then commented on the action sequences: “Doing the first bloody fight scenes was no less fun than a cabaret. I hadn’t had as much fun since writing. Mr. Snow. It is a team effort. Whenever you see an action sequence involving a group of people in a film, as soon as someone yells ‘stop!’, Everyone laughs. “
Finally, Odenkirk expressed himself on the look of Nobody: “It looks like a 70s action movie, with the protagonist walking alone in the streets.”

Bob Odenkirk he is one of those actors who have known fame not at a very young age and who have become famous thanks to television series. Ours began by writing for Saturday Night Live and for the Ben Stiller Show. He therefore made himself known in the play Mr.Show. Then it came Breaking Bad. In recent times Steven Spielberg wanted it in The Post e Greta Gerwig in Little Women.

Bob Odenkirk thirsty for revenge in the first photos of the action movie

Bob Odenkirk thirsty for revenge in the first photos of the action movie


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