Bo Derek regretted her affair with John Derek when he was married

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The public confession of the former Girl 10, who feels she will always be in debt to Linda Evans: I will never forgive myself. I know I would never repeat a mistake like that. ”

At age 63, Bo Derek (her real name is Mary Cathleen Collins) has a quiet life in the mountains from Santa Ynez, two hours north of Los Angeles. And it was in that serenity that she was encouraged to go public your regret for an old love.

Bo drinks his coffee every morning, walks the dogs, feeds his horses, eats lunch, continues with the housework, and after dinner, watch movies with John Corbett, the actor she has lived with for 18 years.

In Argentina (and in much of the world), she is especially remembered for her work on the film 10, by Blake Edwards, in which Dudley Moore was obsessed with her “perfect” figure, her braids and her blue eyes.

Owner of a fortune of 45 million dollars, part of which he has invested in a company that makes dog food, Bo Derek returns to the recording studios from time to time, as he did for the film JL Family Ranch.

Also, in one of the four chapters of the documentary series In my own words, from the cable channel Reelz, dared to analyze his career.

According to the actress and model (we must not forget the famous nudes that she did for the magazine Playboy) , there were many who tried to convince her to tell her life in the first person, but she always said no.

It was producer Bill Katz who managed to get him to sit for four hours to speak in front of the camera.

One of the unavoidable themes in the documentary was the romance he lived with John Derek, actor, director and photographer who He was 30 years old: he was 46, and she 16.

Also, he was married to actress Linda Evans.

“I will never forgive myself. I know that I would never repeat a mistake like this and I think I have learned from my mistakes, but I will always be in debt to her, “said Bo Derek, admitting that she was very surprised when she learned that the protagonist of Dynasty, who is 77 years old today, had agreed to speak for the episode.

Seeing her give her testimony brought back sad memories of when I began my relationship with John., who was then her husband. It was a very painful time for everyone involved. But she is a beautiful human being, and I cannot believe that I have caused her so much pain. Linda is a very private person, so I guess she wanted to clarify once and for all how she lived that story, ”Derek continued.

Chapter of In my own words She also goes into detail about the complications that she and Derek had to go through to avoid being chased by the California Justice, which considered the relationship between the two a crime.

Bo and John got married in 1976, when she was 20 years old.

In the same interview, Bo maintained that it was that relationship that protected her from the attacks of Hollywood predators that lurked in the 1980s.

“I started working for my husband when I was 17 years old., and although it can be argued if that relationship was successful or not, it offered me some protection. I often compare it to the story of Gwyneth Paltrow with Harvey Weinstein, who was afraid of Brad Pitt (He was Paltrow’s boyfriend). My husband had his fame, so many people were afraid of him. But I also know that I was lucky that he was a good man (he died in 1998), because I was madly in love with him. It could have been an abuser and the story would have been completely different, ”he reflected.

The episode could not miss the fame of “fool” that accompanied Bo throughout her career, something that she accepted as part of the character that made her a millionaire at that time.


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