BMW electric wingsuit project Lead

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Peter Salzmann is a professional wingsuit pilot – in Hungarian he wears a bat suit with “wings” stretching between his limbs and glides in the air. He was asked by BMW to help develop their latest gadget, which they don’t want to conquer the market with, but rather just demonstrate the potential of electric mobility.

The BMW wingsuit is not your average suit: two encapsulated carbon fiber propellers are mounted on the chest. The peak power of the associated electric motors is 7.5 kW at 25,000 rpm – a total power of 15 kW is available to the pilot for about 5 minutes.

It took three years from the first idea to implementation. In a joint project between BMW i, Peter Salzmann and BMW Designworks, they even used the carmaker’s Munich wind tunnel to perfect the flying suit.

The pilot jumps out of a helicopter and then lands with a parachute. Normally, the pilot just glides like Batman, but in a motorcycle suit, he can feel downright Superman.

The motorized wingsuit in its current form is far from complete: they want to achieve longer operating times by optimizing aerodynamics and propulsion. Increasing speed is not the goal: 15 kW allows you to race at a speed of about 300 km / h (which, of course, is helped by gravity.)



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