One of the three victims is a woman about 70 years old, who came to pray early Thursday morning. She was found with her neck cut off, “almost beheaded” near the agheasmatar, a police source told Le Figaro.


The sacristan of the basilica, a 45-year-old lay man, was also killed inside the church, according to a canon, Philippe Asso.

“He was an ordinary boy, in the good sense of the word, kind, open,” the senior dean of the priests in Nice, Gil Florini, told the newspaper.

Vincent had two daughters and worked at Notre-Dame in Nice for ten years.

The sacristan’s wife, who came to the scene of the drama on Thursday morning, needed to be supported and accompanied by someone after hearing the terrible news.

Grieving, two believers from the basilica spoke on the spot about a “calm” man, who dedicated his life to “serving” the Church.

“It simply came to our notice then. He listens all the time, he always helps the priest “, a woman declared for the Nice-Matin newspaper.


The second woman, about 30 years old, was killed with several stab wounds.

At the moment nothing is known about his identity.

She managed to get rid of the attacker after she was seriously injured, according to a police source.

The woman took refuge in a nearby bar.

A witness told BFMTV that she said before she died, “Tell my family I love her.”