Bloody crackdown on protests against police brutality in Nigeria: curfew, shootings and strong accusations

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Amnesty assured that there is “credible evidence” that the security forces shot and killed protesters.

Nigeria on Tuesday lived through the bloodiest day in the wave of social protests against the police brutality. Witnesses assure that the security forces they dispersed protesters with bullets that were expressed in the streets despite the prevailing curfew in Lagos. And Amnesty International indicated that there is “credible but disturbing evidence” of the murder of dozens of people.

Exists “credible but disturbing evidence” that security forces gunned down protesters protesting police brutality in Lagos, Amnesty International said.

“As we continue to investigate the killings, Amnesty International would like to remind the authorities that, according to international law, security forces may only resort to the lethal use of force when unavoidable in order to protect themselves from an imminent threat of death or serious injury, “the agency tweeted.

Amnesty International’s pronouncement came after a thousand people took to the streets of the Nigerian capital on Tuesday, despite the 24-hour curfew decreed by Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of the megalopolis of 20 million inhabitants. .

Videos and photos of the protests multiplied on social media. Shots are heard in the records and protesters are seen pleading for medical attention to the wounded.

The Lagos information commissioner, Gbenga Omotoso, limited himself to saying in a statement that “reports of shooting have emerged in Lekki Toll Square after the 24-hour curfew imposed in Lagos.”

“The state government ordered an investigation into the incident,” he added.

In an overnight report, the governor of the Nigerian capital reported that 25 people were injured and were being treated at three hospitals in the capital.

However, witnesses point out that there were a dozen dead. The local media “Punch” spoke of a “Black Tuesday”, with at least 43 protesters and six police officers killed throughout Tuesday (29 died in Lagos and 17 died in the city of Mushin).

#EndSARS, The motto with which the protests went viral on social networks is a request that had been made for several years in the country to eliminate the Special Anti-Theft Unit, a squad created in 1992 and on which numerous accusations of torture, deaths and inhumane treatment.

The claim gained further strength after the video of the police murder of a young man in a police station in the area of ​​the Niger Delta (southeast) came to light, a crime that the Police deny is real.

Even the dissolution of SARS, announced on October 11, failed to stop social unrest, which quickly turned into protests against the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari.

The movement reached a great global impact, and even personalities such as the American rapper Kanye West or the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sent messages of support through social networks.

This Tuesday joined Odion Ighalo, Nigerian footballer for Manchester United. “I’m very sad, I don’t even know where to start … I’m not talking about politics, but I can’t keep quiet“Ighalo said, after the match his team beat PSG in the Champions League.

“The government is a shame all over the world, for kill your own citizens, for sending the military forces to the streets, for killing protesters who protest for their rights, “added the 31-year-old forward, who played against Argentina in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Meanwhile, Governor Sanwo-Olu – a member of the “Congress of All Progressives”, the same party as the Nigerian president – assured that there are “criminals” who are hiding under the umbrella of protests to create chaos.


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