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The TV news of the day in the GALA ticker: Thomas Gottschalk has a new hairstyle +++ Warning, spoiler: André Dietz leaves “Everything that counts” +++ Bachelorette Melissa finally kisses a candidate +++ “The Voice of Germany “: Sido is mad at Rea Garvey

TV News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

14. November

Thomas Gottschalk has a new hairstyle

Thomas, is it you? On the latest photo, which Alexander Klaws, 37, posted on Friday (November 13th), you have to look carefully to recognize the entertainer. Gottschalk no longer wears his iconic blond, curly mane, but his hair is now straight and significantly shorter. How did the change of heart come about and what is behind it?

The picture that the musical star posted shows the two greats of show business in one picture – it goes without saying that the fans are freaking out! In addition, the changed hairstyle and the “Winnetou” presentation of the two.

In the caption, the musical star explains the background to the unusual elevator. The two stood together in front of the camera for Gottschalk’s show “Gottschalk gets it after”. This will be broadcast on December 21 on ARD. As announced in the press release, “Thomas Gottschalk is catching up on some of what could not take place this year. He welcomes prominent and non-prominent people who have interesting and emotional stories to tell about their personal failures and cancellations in 2020 . ” One of his guests: Alexander Klaws.

Meanwhile, the fans celebrate the new look by Thomas Gottschalk. “Herr Gottschalk should stick with this hairstyle !! Great!”, Writes an enthusiastic fan on Instagram. “Awesome! Thomas looks 20 years younger,” says another. Will Thommy stick with it? Wait!

13. November

Attention, spoilers: This is how André Dietz leaves “Everything that matters”

Soon it will be time for the fans to say goodbye: André Dietz, 45, stops after 14 years with “Alles was geht”. Born in Koblenz, Ingo Zadek has played since 2006 – next week on November 18th, the 45-year-old will be seen in this role for the last time on TV. It is now also known how André, alias Ingo, will leave “Everything that matters”. 11: André Dietz leaves the series – spoton_article_751816

On TV NOW, fans can already watch the actor’s last EEZ episode. He wants to see his daughter Zoé Laffort (Carolin von der Groeben, 25), who is sick. At the same time, this also means that he has to leave his sister Marie (Cheyenne Pahde, 26) behind in the metropolis on the Rhine. In his final scene, he seeks a conversation with her. “It’s nothing ultra-dramatic, but she needs me now,” explains Ingo Marie. She reacts understandingly and encourages her brother to go to his daughter. After a last hug, André finally says goodbye to his sister.

UFA producer Damian Lott, who is responsible for the series, thanked André for his creative work back in September: “André Dietz has been a member of ‘Alles was geht’ since the first episodes in 2006, which makes it all the more difficult Farewell after this long time. We wish André all the best for his future path. “

12. November

“The Bachelorette”: First kiss for TV bachelorette Melissa

The fans of “The Bachelorette” have longed for this moment! Viewers had to wait five weeks for lip service from rose distributor Melissa Damilia, 25, but now it was finally time: In the new episode of the dating format, she kisses candidate Ioannis Amanatidis, 30, on a single date.

Melissa spends a few romantic hours with the 30-year-old: First a jaunt in the convertible, then dinner on a roof terrace, followed by cuddles under the starry sky. No wonder that with so much romance, the sparks fly between the two singles. “You look at me with your eyes the whole time. I can’t look because I’m sinking into it,” whispers Ioannis in love. Still, he hesitates to kiss the brunette beauty. “You’re moving your head too much,” Melissa replies. Encouraged by her words, the bearded man finally takes the initiative and kisses the bachelorette.

“I’m a little nervous about that. It was the first kiss in a long time and yes, it was nice,” enthuses Melissa later in an individual interview. And what does Ioannis say? “It felt great,” he agrees with his kissing partner.

“The Bachelorette” always on Wednesdays at 8:15 pm on RTL or on TV NOW.

11. November

“The Voice of Germany”: Sido is mad at Rea Garvey

Thick air between Sido, 39, and Rea Garvey, 47: At least Sido takes his “The Voice of Germany” buddy – the two were on the jury together last season – currently one thing pretty crooked. It’s about his hit “Mein Block”, which should be performed by two candidates from Reas and Samu Haber’s team. The problem: The two candidates Alex and Antonio did not agree with the somewhat – let’s say direct – text. “I’m very well brought up and after that I should have gone to the confessional so often that I would probably never have come out again,” says Alex. Antonio becomes even clearer: “I think that doesn’t belong on a TV show like that.”

No problem, thought Rea and contacted his old jury buddy Sido to negotiate a redesign of his text for the candidates. The rapper agreed, but probably didn’t know at the time why the text should be rewritten. It wasn’t until the broadcast that he realized a lot. And so Sido complained on Instagram: “He asked me whether the two of them were allowed to write a new text but didn’t say why they wanted to write a new one.”

Sido describes the two candidates as “2 right chicks”, he is obviously disappointed with Rea Garvey: “Really dishonorable action by Rea Garvey”, he writes and even links his colleagues. Can Irish singing make up for it?

10. November

Stefanie Hertel takes part in “Schlag den Star”

What a surprise! Pop singer Stefanie Hertel, 41, will appear in the next edition of the game show “Schlag den Star”. Last year she caused a surprise with her participation in the first season of the music show “The Masked Singer”. Stefanie Hertel is now stepping into the ring for “Schlag den Star”. The “You own my heart” interpreter is optimistic:

I like to take on this challenge and it will definitely be fun

Your competitor has already been determined. In November, two women will again enter the ProSieben ring: Stefanie Hertel will compete live on November 21, 2020 at primetime on “Schlag den Star” with presenter and influencer Cathy Hummels, 32.

9. November

“The Voice of Germany”: Samu Haber messed up with the candidate

With this, Samu Haber, 44, did himself no favor. The Finn actually wanted to compliment candidate Targol on “The Voice of Germany” in order to lure her into his and Rea Garvey’s, 47, team, but that backfired. “You were super entertaining and super soulful. We Finns would say: ‘Like a grandma in the snow’,” he said of Targol’s particularly smoky voice. The Iranian reacted in piquancy: “I’m not and I don’t want to be either.”

Samu could no longer make this saying good despite appeasement. The result: Targol chose Mark Forster, 37.

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