In a letter to Newsweek, Cullors says members of the movement breathe a sigh of relief along with other Americans that the “Trump administration era is over,” while pointing out that the votes of the black population have largely made a difference, so they demand an agenda. well developed, community motivated and fully equipped to address the special challenges facing the black population ”.

“Without the broad support of the black population, we would now be burdened with a completely different election result. In short, blacks won this election.

Along with other black organizations in our nation, Black Lives Matter has invested heavily in this election. We want something in exchange for our vote. We want to be heard and our priority agenda “.

According to opinion polls, 87% of black voters voted for Biden and only 12% for incumbent President Donald Trump, as Democrats returned Trump-won states in 2016 amid several crises. have faced the United States in the past year, including large-scale protests, violent violence and vandalism after the death of African-American George Floyd in police custody, which led to the initiation of the Black Lives Matter Movement, which also includes white Americans.

Cullors says the people of color have voted for Democrats over the years and “live in a crisis in a nation built on our subjugation.” So far, the United States has refused to address directly the ways in which it devalues ​​the population of color and destroys its life. That cannot continue. “

Noting that Biden and his running mate have placed systemic racism at the center of their election campaign and have acknowledged the negative history of the U.S. on black issues, Cullors warned: like Trump, but not to have the indifference of a government controlled by Democrats that would refuse to fight the absolutely outrageous shame it constitutes ”.

Biden and Harris both acknowledged the merits of the black community in the victory, with Harris being the first black vice president in the United States and the first woman elected to a second state position.

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