Bixby will lose all its augmented reality features

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From the day of its introduction until today Bixby, the intelligent assistant of Samsung, it has gone through a long list of modifications that time after time have left it behind its main competitor in the world of Android smartphones: Google Assistant. In response, Samsung will withdraw AR features from Bixby.

We refer to the AR or RA functions, that is, Augmented Reality or Augmented Reality. But they are not all the functions that will no longer be supported but, specifically, four of them. Some of the most useful, such as real-time text translation, will still receive support, but others, more entertaining, will disappear at the end of the current month of October.

These are the Bixby functions that we will no longer be able to use

Bixby debuted aboard the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + back in March 2017. Back then, the flagships Samsung already had support for Google Assistant but the South Korean company wanted to compete with its own smart voice on its popular smartphones. However, Bixby debuted totally silent.

Although over time Bixby has gained more and more functions among which it received a necessary voice, today it pales in power and usefulness compared to the best intelligent assistant on the market: Google Assistant. For that reason and to avoid taking up space with some trivia, Samsung will retire the less required Bixby AR functions.

These are: the function Places that allowed us to identify the premises and buildings around us with appropriate icons; the function Makeup that, in short, it worked as an Instagram filter that made us up to our preference; the function Home Decor that he helped us arrange furniture in our home and see if it fit properly; and the function Styling that allowed us to try on different glasses.

Needless to say, none of these features are really important, and we can see how all of them will no longer be supported. Several of these can be obtained directly from some of the most important social networks on the market and, those that are not, usually come incorporated into the apps and assistants that users usually use.

Source: Android Police


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