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The TV news of the day in the GALA ticker: Caro Robens has to take a setback +++ That should be the new candidates in the “jungle camp” +++ Is the jungle camp about to end because of corona rules?

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9th October:

“The stars’ summer home”: Caro Robens is seriously disappointed

Caro and Andreas Robens are currently fighting for the “Summer House of Stars” for a profit of 50,000 euros. On TV NOW, the bodybuilder couple even got their own program called “Caro and Andreas – 4 fists for Mallorca”. The first episode of the docu-soap shows how Caro has to put up with a bitter defeat.

After she had just failed the year before, Robens wants to try her luck again at the championships in bodybuilding. To do this, she changes her life radically: for five months she does not eat any carbohydrates, only protein and trains every day. Caro is overjoyed at the competition because the exertion was initially worth it: “When you stand up there, you say that it was worth every day. It’s just a great feeling. This day makes up for the five months.”

Unfortunately, Robens only finished last and was eliminated in the preliminary round. The emigrant is understandably bitterly disappointed. We wish Caro Robens the victory for next year.

October 7th

“Jungle Camp 2021”: These should be the next candidates

It was recently announced that the hit show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” will be filmed in North Wales this year instead of the usual Australia. But it doesn’t get any less creepy here: The Welsh castle Gwrych Castle is said to be teeming with rats and vermin – allegedly even haunted. It should be clear that the candidates’ nerves are on edge here.

As “Bild” claims to have learned from production circles, the first candidates should now have been determined. Some of them already know each other from other TV formats – so controversy is inevitable. Ex-Bachelor Andrej Mangold, 33, and “Sommerhaus” colleague Lisha, 31, are now supposed to meet in the dark castle. Both had already polarized strongly at the “Summer House of the Stars”. Claudia Effenberg, 55, and actress Tina Ruland, 53, will also be there. We are curious to see whether the rumors will come true.

October 6th

Is IBES about to end because of Corona?

Two weeks ago, RTL announced that due to the current corona crisis, the upcoming season of “I am a star – get me out of here” will not take place in Australia as usual, but in a castle in North Wales, UK. However, due to the current Corona rules in Great Britain, the popular TV show could be on the brink.

As the newspaper “The Sun” reports, the Conwy region, in which the Welsh Gwrych Castle is located, has announced new lockdown rules, which do not make filming in the UK much more difficult. According to new measures, it is now forbidden to meet in larger groups or to be with several people in closed rooms. But in Wales in January it is around four to a maximum of seven degrees Celsius – shooting outside will hardly be possible at these temperatures. The British equivalent of the “jungle camp” will be filmed in November. Then at the latest it will become clear how the show can be implemented under the corona measures.

5th October

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: Jogi Löw’s boys are driven to brain teasers

That could be a TV sensation. The German national soccer team leaves the field and takes a seat on the quiz chair with Günter Jauch, 64. Not all of the boys from coach Joachim “Jogi” Löw, 60, will compete. However, a selection of gamblers is meant to guess money for a good cause.

According to RTL, the special edition will be recorded under the title “The team is playing” on October 7th in Cologne. According to DFB director Oliver Bierhoff, 52, four or five players who will not play in the team’s game against Turkey on Wednesday evening should answer the tricky questions from the host Jauch. “We’ll try to present ourselves positively, to show that we don’t just have football in our heads, but that we have incredibly interesting, intelligent players who are incredibly capable.”

On October 12th, RTL will broadcast the special edition of “Wer wird Millionär”.

“Let’s Dance”: This actress is supposed to dance with the next season

The 14th season of the hit show “Let’s Dance” starts in February 2021 and preparations are already in full swing. Of course, in the course of the planning, the first candidates will now be determined and according to “Bild” the actress and ex-RTL star Esther Schweins will be part of the next “Let’s Dance” season.

At least, according to “Bild”, the obligation of the red-haired beauty should be acted on, as the newspaper is said to have learned from production circles. Ester Schweins would return to her roots by participating: She became a star in the 90s with the comedy show “RTL Saturday Night”. However, the rumor has not yet been officially confirmed. We are excited to see which top-class RTL will conjure up for “Let’s Dance” in the near future.

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