The young people registered in the competition will have the opportunity to solve algorithmic exercises, cyber defense, response to incidents and computer investigations, identification and remediation of vulnerabilities in IT systems in a controlled environment.

“We are targeting future cybersecurity specialists, so we thought of this competition as an opportunity for passionate young people, because they will be able to experience and understand how an infrastructure works and, especially, how to find vulnerabilities to later identify methods of protection against cyber attackers “, explained Andrei Avădănei, CEO of Bit Sentinel.

The contest will award the first three best participants who will record the best scores after the competition. The prizes consist of gadgets with a total value of 750 euros.

The UNbreakable Romania initiative aims to organize these national competitions periodically, in order to motivate and encourage more and more young people to specialize in this field of activity. The competition will take place in the first phase at national level, and local or regional events will be organized. Following all the events, rankings will be made by high schools, universities and county.

Participation in the UNbreakable Romania competition is individual, and the registration of the competitors is free, directly on the competition website, accessing this link.