Who Kari Tapion (1945–2010) Listening to the song after the storm would not have thought about how well the song sung by the singer himself sat in his life. The beloved interpreter purged inwardly beyond the lyrics.

About the star biography Kari Tapio – Life (WSOY 2010) by Antti Heikkinen while accessing the book, was able to access the singer’s diary notes. In them, Kari Tapio ruthlessly evaluates himself through the pain points of his life. He suffered from jealousy and alcoholism, which he described as morbid.


Wife in the mid-1990s Also got enough. He moved out of the shared home. The difference, which ultimately proved to be temporary, caused the man to go unadorned to himself in his diary entries. There was a lot of good in life and it was mentally rich. However, one more thing he hoped for: sobriety. Without it, he was afraid of losing everything.

– I’ve lost my confidence in my employer, according to the agent’s eyes. My finances have gone asshole many times. Missing the work I’ve had to pay with their own money. I’ve had to sumplaamaan a mess of my bills and loans. Four times I have been robbed, two of which time I have had to visit the outpatient department head ompeluttamassa.

He also wrote that he feared for his health.

– After drinking for 2 to 4 days, I experience arrhythmias as well as abdominal pain and chest anxiety. I can’t eat during my drinking tube and not for a week after that. Blood sugar drops. There is insomnia.

The feelings were real, as a couple of years later he had a heart attack and underwent bypass surgery.

Prayed to God for help

Alcoholism, in addition to interpersonal relationships, affected the self-image.

– Because of alcohol, my self-esteem is often non-existent.

At the same time, it made him look for reasons to drink from everyone else. After surviving the drinking pipe, remorse and humility faded and was always replaced by a threat.

– Many times I have arranged the dispute just because I hit the door closed behind me and go out to drink.

Kari Tapio admitted to himself that he has so often been second to alcohol. He had not been able to keep his promise of sobriety. Despite having been in a peer support group for years, was on treatment and also tried an antabus capsule.

– I pray every night before going to bed that I get strength and blessings for my sober lifestyle. I pray that God would free me from the spiral of alcohol.

He also wrote that he believed that interpersonal relationships could be repaired through sobriety.

– Unless I can love my wife and children, I have nothing. There is no life without love.

Pia returned home. The cohabitation continued until Kari’s death in December 2010.