Binotto: The challenge is to perform better in 2021

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During a video interview for the championship website, hosted by David Coulthard, Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto, recalling the Scotsman’s infamous collision with Michael Schumacher on the rainy track in Spa in 1998, he unexpectedly asked: “By the way, tell me honestly, then you did slowed down? “

David just laughed in response: “Actually, the truth is, I just couldn’t go faster then! There was so much water that I could not see anything at all, and Michael piloted masterfully in such conditions. So, of course, I didn’t slow down, but I remember that Jean Todt, who was then in charge of Scuderia, went to investigate Ron Dennis, because he thought that all this was specially set up.

But I am an athlete and I am not capable of such things in principle! “

Last weekend Ferrari had its 1000th race in Formula 1, but the team from Maranello is going through hard times, and Binotto, of course, spoke on this topic: “I think we have very strong opponents. This means that they have a very high level of organization, technical development, they have enormous resources, and they are distinguished by a colossal determination.

Therefore, now we have, perhaps, harder than in the old days. When the team was led by Jean Todt, it took seven years to win the championship. Later, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes were in a similar situation, but all this is due to the fact that first you need to build an effective organization and lay a solid foundation.

But I don’t think that the technical problems that we solve in themselves have become much more difficult, because it was always difficult, no matter what we did. So it’s more about a higher level of competition.

And if we talk about the future, then Formula 1 should remain a platform for developing innovative solutions. It is very important. Together with the FIA ​​and the leadership of the championship, we must find ways to make F1 more economically balanced.

Of course, 2020 is a very difficult year for our team, it was hard for us from the very beginning, because now we have almost no opportunities to modernize the car. But next year the situation should improve. In particular, we will have a new engine, the development of which we are now very actively engaged in and have already begun bench tests. Of course, the challenge is to achieve better results in 2021 than this season.

But in 2022 everything will be different: new cars will appear, they will have a new look, they will have different aerodynamics. Everyone has to start from scratch, and the teams cannot begin this work until January 1, when we will begin to develop the aerodynamics of the new car.

I think all this is very interesting, and I am sure that thanks to these changes, Formula 1 will become stronger and more spectacular. Of course, Ferrari is involved in this process, so we look forward to the upcoming changes. “



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