Billy Crystal jumps from comedy to drama by skipping theaters

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The actor stars in “Caerse de laughter”, which will be seen on Monday, November 2 on TNT. He plays a depressed and troubled doctor. Due to the pandemic, the film could not be shown in theaters.

Used to shining in comedy, at age 72 Billy Crystal plays a completely different character from yours in Fall out laughing, a film that was going to be released in theaters this year, but which, due to the pandemic, finally It will be seen on the TNT signal, also the film’s producer, this Monday, November 2.

In this story, Crystal plays Marty, a depressed dermatologist doctor, and his friend, Scott (Ben Schwartz). The two men belong to different generations, but share a sad present.

Crystal, who became famous with romantic comedies like When Harry met Sally O We analyze, was the second most summoned actor in Hollywood history to present the Oscar Awards ceremony (the first was Bob Hope). Comedian was in charge of deliveries as a driver on ten occasions, between 1990 and 2012.

More focused on production in recent years, with Fall out laughing He returns to the screen as an actor in a role very different from his most popular comic profile.

In this case, he is a highly experienced dermatologist, but somewhat haunted by his lonely personal life. Twice a widower and with a difficult relationship with his son, Adam, the only way out of his problems seems to be alcohol.

At a party he meets Scott, a stand-up comedian, who also carries various existential issues because he feels like a failure. Their pessimistic views coincide in a friendship.

But, in addition, life also unites them later, by chance, when Scott stops by Marty’s office to treat his hives.

The film, which went through major festivals such as Toronto and Tribeca, is the debut in a feature film by American Matt Ratner.

The director assures that his film has the right shares of comedy and tragedy that, as in life itself, often coincide. And that, what everyone considers a failure, sometimes, is not such.

On the other hand, the great challenge was to see in other roles, far from the usual comedy, both Crystal and Schwartz. But for the director, finding that dramatic streak was only a matter of time and opportunity.

“They’re both brilliant actors, and I think the bottom line was that they got the chemistry between them,” says Ratner. “The kind of comedy that they both practice, and like the movie, it’s based on a comment on the human condition. I always believed that they both had that dramatic gear at their disposal, that when the opportunity came they would put it to work“.

In turn, creating chemistry between the two actors was essential to be able to tell that particular friendship story. “The truth is that there was not much time. They did not even know each other before filming; they had met once, briefly, in Billy’s office in Los Angeles,” says the director.

And he assures that it was Crystal himself who helped find his cast partner, as a good producer he is. “We started brainstorming to define who could be the second leg of that duo, so choosing Ben was almost a leap of faith. Luckily they became great friends off-camera in a short space of time, and it shows. on screen, “says Ratner.


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