The billionaire’s decision comes at a critical time in the last 51 days of the presidential race, with polls showing a tight race in Florida and no financial advantage for the incumbent president.
Trump’s financial advantage over former Vice President Joe Biden has evaporated due to high spending by the Republican campaign, while funds raised by Democrats have risen since the end of the primary election.
“Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping him defeat Trump, and this will happen in the disputed states,” said Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey, who added that “spending will mean Democrats and the Biden campaign.” they can invest even more in other key states like Pennsylvania, which will be key to Biden’s victory. “
Even before Bloomberg’s contribution, both campaigns expected Florida to be the most expensive state for the campaign. This will be the highest prize of the states contested on election day, offering 29 of the 270 votes of the Electoral College needed to win.
Voting by mail begins in the state on September 24, and Biden will make his first personal visit to Florida during the general election season on Tuesday.
In 2016, Trump won the state of Florida with 113,000 votes, or 1.2 percentage points. Since then, he has established his residence in this state, which he visits regularly.
Recent polls have shown that Biden has a very small margin in the Florda, gaining ground among older voters, but being below the previous performance of Democrats among the Latino population. People over the age of 65 represent one in five state voters, and Latinos represent one in four.
Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that they raised $ 210 million in August, well below Biden’s $ 364.5 million record for the month that included both sides’ televised conventions. .
Prior to the August fundraiser, the Trump campaign reported that it had $ 300 million in cash, compared to Biden’s $ 294 million. None of the campaigns reported a more recent figure.
The Republican president, who is behind Biden in national opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 3 election, told reporters last week he would spend his own money if needed.
“I thought Mini Mike was out of Democrat politics. Save NYC instead, “Trump wrote on Sunday on Twitter.