Singer Billie Eilish’s new shoes have become a topic of conversation in some. The singer’s Followers don’t seem to agree on the true color of the shoes. Some think Eilish’s Nike Air shoes are pink and white, some think mint green and white. Eilish introduced the shoes In his Instagram story.

You will see aggravated pictures of sneakers from here.

Singer Billie Eilish made her breakthrough already inspired by her teenage big brother. Finneas O’Connell also makes music. Like her sister, she has been awarded numerous Grammy Awards.

Despite his young age, Eilish has emerged as a style icon. She likes to wear loose-fitting clothes, exciting sunglasses and surprising headwear. Eilish wears covering and loose clothing so no one can criticize her body.

– No one can have any opinion on my body because no one has seen what is below. No one can criticize it as slender or thick, or whether the butt is flaccid or fat. No one can say anything like that because they don’t know, Eilish has stated in an interview.