Billie Eilish exudes elegance in the video clip for No Time to Die, the song from the new James Bond movie

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At just 18 years old, the singer adds her name to the exclusive group of artists who contributed original versions to the saga and a new achievement in her career.

The year 2020 will surely remain in the memory of many of those who inhabit the world of music such as that of the damn pandemic, and not much else. Canceled concerts, closed spaces, infected artists and the rare feeling that time runs and is lost without too much passing. But it is clear that this will not happen to Billie Eilish.

After sweeping the delivery of the Grammy awards, becoming not only the first woman to win the big prize poker (album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist), but also the youngest to do so since the awards were created, the 18-year-old American singer continued to reap the fruits of her early adolescent seeding. .

Eilish singing Yesterday at the Oscars in February, he participated in the monumental initiative One World Together At Home, when few assumed that six months later the planet would continue to be besieged by the Covid-19, raised his voice to call those of his generation to vote against Donald Trump, raised the tone of her feminist message, surprised with the publication of My Future, a song composed and recorded during the quarantine, and she recognized herself trapped in the character she created.

And as if all this were not enough, after the confirmation that Amazon Prime would have acquired the rights to a documentary about his short life, for the modest sum of $ 20 million, the video clip of No Time to Die, the Hans Zimmer theme that the girl performed for the new James Bond movie.

The point is that the premiere of No time to die, which will be the last installment of the saga with Daniel Craig like the eternal agent 007, gets closer and, therefore, Billie released the clip of the main theme of the film, in which she reveals her image of a rebel girl squander sensuality and, also, elegance.

In this way, Billie prints her name on the exclusive list of artists who contributed their own versions to the saga, among whom are Paul McCartney and Wings, with Live and Let Die; Adele, with Skyfall; Tom Jones, with Thunderball; Tina Turner, with Goldeneye; Y Madonna, with Die Another Day, among others.

The song, intimate and perhaps one of the most “standard” style Of those that the singer has published since her irruption in the music industry, although not for that little interesting, it could be heard for the first time last February. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the release of No time to die, which caused the entire promotion to be postponed these days.

The video clip, directed by Daniel Kleinman, intertwines scenes of Eilish singing with sequences from the film, in which it is appreciated that there will be a couple conflict between 007 and Dr. Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux.

It can also be seen that Bond will have an internal dilemma, as the spy appears with a pensive gaze at various points in the clip. The video also features epic scenes in which you can see Craig and Lashana Lynch in action.

The release of this video clip confirms that Universal, at the moment, does not plan to delay the premiere of No time to die, scheduled for November. Undoubtedly, something positive for movie theaters, since, after the postponements of Wonder Woman 1984, Black widow Y Death on the Nile, will become the first major blockbuster to be released after Tenet.

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