Founder of Microsoft and the world’s second richest man Bill Gates evaluates Dagens Industrin haastattelussa The Swedish corona strategy was a mistake.

To date, a total of 88,237 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Sweden. 5,865 deaths due to corona have been confirmed in the country.

– If you compare with Norway and Denmark, Sweden seems to be a real problem, Gates tells the DI.

By comparison, 267 people have been confirmed dead in Norway, 635 in Denmark and 339 in Finland.

– I myself am inclined to think that it was an error. Honestly, it must be acknowledged that immunity is now higher in Sweden than in many other countries. It is not impossible that infections will be seen to rise again in Denmark and Norway. I would say that Sweden probably should have shut down society more, even if the conclusion was not as clear as it was four months ago, Gates continues to DI.

Sweden is a major supporter of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gatesin founded by the vaccine organization Gaville. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation remains one of Gavi’s main partners and contributors. In early 2020, both Gavi and Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of the upcoming coronary vaccine.

Gates believes that next summer, vaccines will be distributed around the world.

– I’m optimistic that during next year we will be able to calculate disease rates dramatically and that this will be over in 2022.