Bildu warns that the Budget pact is only the first step: “Today nothing ends, everything begins”

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The deputy of Bildu Oskar Matute has risen to the rostrum of the Congress of Deputies to take heart from his pact on Budgets with the Government Pedro Sanchez and has warned that it is only a first step to change everything: “Today nothing ends, today everything just begins.”

In an accelerated and somewhat nervous tone, Hooch has boasted of everything they have managed to get Government of Sánchez to benefit his “country, Euskal Herria”, and to reverse right-wing policies, as he has said.

According to the deputy of a formation that follows without condemning ETA terrorismThese Budgets “are the first litmus test” for a government that came to power “to change the course of the liberal drift of the State for decades.”

In his speech, Matute has referred to those killed in the pandemic, but not to pay homage to them, but only to reproach Ciudadanos for talking about 70,000 victims, and not of the 40,000 officers. In his opinion, it is the extreme right that wants to believe that there are 70,000 dead, to accuse the Government of hiding 30,000. In reality, it is the National Institute of Statistics or the Carlos III Health Institute that is warning that the figure is much higher than the official one and right now is around 70,000.

In her response, the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, has used a soft and cordial tone, nothing to do with the employee with the Popular Party. Montero has treated Collect As the preferred partner that is already for Sánchez.

“There is space in these public accounts so that we can all feel identified,” said the minister, who has committed that the Government will continue working with Bildu “the entire legislature». In this sense, he explained that the programmatic agreement will be developed in the remaining years of Sánchez’s mandate.



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