Biggest German loss since 1931: – A dark day

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(Spain – Germany 6-0) A hat trick from Ferrán Torres (20) and Spanish big game ensured a historically ugly German loss.

One has to go all the way back to 1931 to find a similar loss. Then Germany lost 0-6 against Austria at home in Berlin. Besides whether it is a 0-9 loss against the English amateur national team in 1909, the Germans’ fourth national team match in history, the only German loss that is worse in history. The loss is of course also the biggest since Joachim Löw (60) took over as head coach in 2006.

“It was a dark day,” Löw told ARD.

– In the second half we tried to play man against man, push them, get a goal and get back in the game. But the Spanish players played better, were faster and more precise. We did not have a chance. We said that we trusted the players we had taken out and that we were on a good path. We saw today that we are not as far ahead in our development as we had thought and hoped after the last match, says Löw to


– It was a really bad day for us. Nothing worked. Body language and body strength were gone. WE wanted to be brave and we wanted to attack, but neither the attack nor the defense worked for us. After we let in the first goal, we gave up on our ideas. We ran around aimlessly and opened large rooms. It was deadly tonight, says Löw.

After going undefeated through 2020, few believed that similar figures would become a reality for Löw and his men. Away against Spain, however, the German team was nowhere near getting the point needed to win the group in the Nations League. Instead, they were regularly played around by an energetic Spanish team, led by Manchester City’s summer signing Ferrán Torres.

The 20-year-old did not give up until he had sent three balls into the net behind Manuel Neuer, and with a goal each from Álvaro Morata, Mikel Oyarzabal and Rodri, the scoreboard finally showed 6-0 to the home team in Sevilla.

– It is probably not the bitterest loss in my career, but clearly the biggest. That hurt. We did not get hold of them him. Spain showed us how to attack, says Toni Kroos.

The match was Manuel Neuer’s 96th for Germany, which means that he is now the goalkeeper with the most international matches for Germany. But there was no way the night he had wished:

It did not start perfectly for the Spaniards. Already after five minutes, they shouted for a penalty kick, but Swedish Andreas Ekberg thought the offense happened a few small centimeters outside the 16-meter.

After ten minutes, injured Sergio Canales took the count and went to the thigh. Fabián Ruiz came running down the stairs and it did not take long before the substitute made his mark.

After a short tussle with the defender, Álvaro Morata finally tucked the ball home.


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