Bielsa’s latest ‘madness’: he will no longer present Leeds training before the game ‘to avoid claims’

“It will be wrong if we thought that it presupposes an important advantage,” the Argentine DT warned, but he as well warned that he will stop doing so.

Marcelo Bielsa’s decision to confirm the team just before Leeds’ last game (defeat 2-1 against West Ham) was not very well received in England and, although they defended his idea, Loco cautioned that he will not do it again in the future “to avoid claims”.

“There is nothing at all wrong with it (advance the training). It would be wrong if we thought that all knowing the opponent’s formation presupposes an essential advantage and for me it is not that adheres to that “, Bielsa said inside the run-up to Wednesday’s game from Newcastle.

And he added: “From now on, to avoid claims, I am going to avoid giving answers related to the gamers who may or may not play in the matches.”

Bielsa was also asked if there is a situation of fighting for relegation as well as replied: “It is very difficult to speak about the future and predict it. Within football, any circumstance is possible and that we are going to fight for each date, boost our position in the table, what ever “.

On the present of Manchester, the Rosario added: “The actuality that we are going through at this moment, connected with obtaining only four points from your last 18, a negative cycle the fact that generates consequences. Now, that unfavorable cycle similar to the one we are under-going, they have passed more than half of the league’s participants. Every time we have fun with we know that the difficulty is very high and that we try to grow so that we can credit score points. “

In addition, Loco manufactured a difference between last season as well as current one: “In the Champion most of the opponents respected us as well as superiority was already clear. What we did was impose ourselves. Now inside the Premier the challenge is to show which we can compete on equal phrases “.

Bielsa concluded: “In often the 12 matches that passed i was superior to great rivals and we can also be overtaken by inferior rivals. We have to show that we are at the degree of the Premier “.

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