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Donald Trump insists on not admitting defeat after tweeting that his rival won by fraud

This windy Sunday morning, before leaving the White House to go golfing on his private Virginia course, Donald Trump used it to create more confusion to the already existing 13 days after the presidential elections that he considers to have been fraudulent, so he refuses to admit his defeat at the polls against Joe Biden. When the president’s first Sunday message appeared on the screens of his nearly 90 million followers on Twitter, all the alarms went off. Trump wrote verbatim: “He won [Biden] because the elections were rigged ”. Was it his particular concession to Biden? Did you admit defeat? Did he confess defeated and was only able to do so through Twitter?

Actually, the tweet that Trump The headline with that sentence should not have given rise to thinking that the president was facing the truth, because what the Republican was doing was trying to give an explanation of why Biden won in response to comments made on Fox by Jesse Waters, whose video segment included in the tweet: “There is something wrong. Joe Biden hasn’t earned it, he didn’t even campaign. He thought he was going to lose, you could see it. He ran a loser campaign. So how is it possible that 10 days after the election is ahead? ”, Argued the Fox journalist.

That’s when Trump told Waters that Biden had won because the election was a scam. At the time, there were already headlines announcing that the president was throwing in the towel and admitting his failure. During the space of an hour the country was in suspense. What no one seems to count on yet, despite four years of experience of off-tone and lies installed in the White House, is that Trump is unpredictable, erratic and is going to prolong this post-election agony for as long as necessary for his interests personal or self-centered.

Indeed, less than an hour later, Trump backed down, or more specifically pointed out that Biden had only won in the eyes of “THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA [las mayúsculas son del presidente]”. “I do not concede ANYTHING,” the president tweeted, in a tone that if he could have had a voice he was obviously outraged at the very idea that he was going to back down and admit Biden’s victory. “We have a long way to go,” Trump threatened.

“All the mechanical errors that occurred on Election Night were actually Democrats who were caught trying to steal votes. But those who were not caught were very successful. Elections by mail are a bad joke, “added the outgoing president. So far no court or electoral authority, including Republicans responsible for overseeing the recount, has validated his accusations. “This has been a GROWN CHOICE.” Such media bombs and it wasn’t even 10 a.m. in Washington.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team remains calm. Interviewed on NBC’s veteran Sunday morning political show Meet the Press, Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that “Donald Trump’s tweets don’t make Joe Biden president or non-president. The American people have done that, ”declared Klain.

The veteran advisor, a big gamble by Biden in these tumultuous and confusing times in the transition of powers, went further and declared that the federal government, through the General Services Administration (GSA), owed without The structure for the transition of power is yet to be put in place this week so that Democrats can receive national security reports and plan the response to covid-19. “That Trump acknowledges the victory of Biden through Twitter – and shortly after saying that he did not admit it – has no relevance in the reality of the elections,” added Klain. Reality and Trump have almost never gone hand in hand.

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