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Joe Biden
He has been in politics for so long that he has even retired the children of his contemporaries. When he reached the Senate from EE.UU.One of his first friends in the upper house was Birch Bayh, a fellow Democrat from Indiana, just 30 years old and from Wilmington, Delaware. Bayh’s son Evan was also a senator from Indiana. When he left, Biden was still there, addicted to the poison of politics, and with the aspiration, never weakened, to reach the White House. What he never had in all this time is a strong left leaning. I had no role in the black minority civil rights movement in the 1960s, and in Washington, he established himself as a politician capable of leaning toward the Republican caucus.

To get to the presidency, however, he has had to build them to his left. Despite the unity shown during the elections, the Democratic party is divided into factions. They became evident in the 2016 primaries, when Bernie Sanders and his left-wing populist movement threatened to topple Hillary Clinton, the “establishment” candidate. In this election, Biden benefited that the priority for the Democratic electorate was to oust Trump of the White House. Biden seemed like the center candidate capable of bringing together enough moderates and independents. He had to give in, however, and balance to include part of the progressive agenda. Biden kept the centrist facade but leaned to the left on his show. A swerve to the White House.


The Covid-19 epidemic has been the greatest crisis for the United States in the 21st century, with more than 230,000 deaths and millions of jobs eliminated, and Biden has used it as his great electoral card. However, his proposals to combat the crisis are not very different from Trump’s, beyond improving the test and tracking systems. The vaccine, the great hope to fight the epidemic, will take the same time regardless of who is in the White House. Of course, Biden has opted for a national order to wear a mask or, at least, demand it from the states.


One big difference from Trump will be Biden’s tax plans. Many Americans have maintained their loyalty to the current president in the face of the possibility that Biden and the Democrats will attack their pockets. Biden, however, has always argued that he will only raise taxes on those with incomes greater than $ 400,000. But it will also increase the tax bill for companies (from 21% to 28%) and capital gains.


The Scream «Defund the Police» o “Cuts to the Police” is the main claim that arose from the protests and violent riots of the summer in the face of the latest cases of police abuse of the black minority. Biden, in order not to scare moderate voters, has insisted that there will be no cuts to Police departments. But it does anticipate reforms to the supervision of agents and their responsibility for abuses.


One of the issues in which Biden has had to include the ideology of the leftist sector. Put to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young star of the socialist current, at the forefront of the environmental program. In a debate with Trump, he even said that he would dismantle the oil industry. He has promised to bring back emissions regulations from Obama and reincorporating the US into the Paris Agreement.

Supreme court

The expedited renewal of
Supreme court
, with the confirmation against the clock of the judge Amy Coney Barrett, angered the Democrats. The leftist current promised revenge and that, once in power, they would expand the number of judges and fill it with progressive magistrates. It’s a delicate matter where Biden hasn’t gotten wet. He has only said that he will establish a commission to study the matter.

Foreign policy

Trump succeeded in convincing much of the Republican electorate that Biden is a “puppet” of the “Socialists” Y “Communists”. He was key in the Cuban and Venezuelan vote in Florida, where Trump won with solvency. The reality is that Biden has promised to ease Trump’s sanctions on Cuba and his campaign has talked about seeking a new approach to Venezuela’s political crisis.

Social rights

Biden will bring changes to the leadership of the White House on issues that may concern Republican conservative grassroots. The Democrat will not nominate justices to the Supreme Court who are against abortion – as Trump has done -, he will support public financing of this practice, improve the protections of the LGBT community and fight the veto to transgender people in the Army.


Biden promises to strengthen public education and its funding. It will support public early childhood education programs, fight grants to private schools and try to make university education in public centers free for families with incomes below $ 125,000.

Access to weapons

Trump has been confirmed in his first term as the
great defender of the

Second Amendment to the Constitution

of the USA, which enshrines the right to bear arms. Despite the killings of civilians with military-style weapons, he has opposed almost any kind of regulation. Biden has supported a federal veto on assault weapons and the establishment of controls on the purchase of any weapon.



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