Biden’s leeway as president to be decided in Georgia

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It’s been five days since Joe Biden will win the elections in the United States, but the changing of the guard at the White House continues to be surrounded by unknowns due to Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat. The president’s position has so far prevented the start of the transition process.

The Republican maintains his legal battle in court and his Administration has refused to certify victory Democrat, an essential step for your team to be installed in government offices, access their computer systems, receive classified reports or open official email accounts. They are not the only doubts hovering over Biden’s future, which will be played next January in Georgia its room for maneuver to govern.

The Democrat is not waiting for the roadblocks to clear. This Thursday he confirmed the appointment of Ron Klain as the future chief of staff of the White House, the man who will try to put order in the daily management of the Administration. Klain already held that same position as Biden’s lieutenant during his years as vice president of Barack Obama, after having worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore or the attorney general Janet Reno.

He was also in charge of responding to the Ebola crisis in 2014, an experience that will help you deal with coronavirus pandemic, the most imminent challenge facing the president-elect. He knows not only Congress, but also his dark side, having served as lobbyist and legal advisor to large companies during his long career in Washington.

Second round in the Senate

“His deep and varied experience, as well as his ability to work with people from across the political spectrum It is precisely what I need in a White House chief of staff to face this time of crisis and unite the country, Biden said in a statement. The Democrat has some very complicated months ahead, which will not only depend on how the judicial mess created by the Republicans is resolved, but also on the outcome of the two remaining seats to be awarded at Senate. Both are pending a second round, which will be held next January 5 in Georgia, after none of the candidates in the running exceeded 50% of the votes.

Those two seats in a state that for the first time since 1992 has bet on a Democrat for the presidency – although its authorities have already ordered a manual counting of the result, which reflects a Biden victory by 14,000 votes — will decide his ability to legislate. The legislatures have left the rEpublicans with 50 seats in the Senate, compared to 48 Democrats. A disadvantage that could be balanced out if they win Georgia’s second laps. If there is a tie of forces in the Chamber, the vice president Kamala Harris I would have the vote of grace to break it.

“Georgia will have the decision in its hands, but it will be the United States that will live with its consequences,” said the Republican senator this week, Marco Rubio, one of the first to land in the state to participate in a campaign that is supposed to be epic. And it is that without the control of the Senate, Biden will have the hands tied to legislate and give shape to its most ambitious plans, from the infrastructure plan to its intended transformation of the country’s energy fabric. It will be little more than a hostage to conservative filibuster.



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