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The campaign of the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, has warned this Friday that if the former vice president wins the elections, the United States Government will have the power to kick any “intruder” out of the White House, alluding to President Donald Trump.

A spokesman for Biden’s campaign has responded to reports in various media that Trump has no intention of accepting a possible defeat and he has not prepared a concession speech, in case the press projections are met and the Democratic candidate wins.

“As we said in July, the American people will decide these elections. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escort any intruder out of the White House“, said the spokesman, Andrew Bates, in statements to the television network Fox News.

Trump has no plans to assume defeat even if his path to re-election is blocked altogether, which is likely, because he needs to win in several states where Biden is ahead if he wants to secure a second term.

Trump’s team encourages their accusations

According to the chain CNN, the president’s allies, including his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, have not tried to help Trump understand what is happening and they keep feeding their accusations without proof that they are “stealing the elections.”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, recorded by a television camera while appearing at the White House.

Some allies of the president have commented on the possibility that they have to be su yerno Jared Kushner o su hija Ivanka Trump those in charge of speaking with him to assume his defeat in the event that Biden’s advantage is evident, has added the CNN.

The concession speech is a tradition in the United States, but it is not required by law in the country, so It would not be necessary to certify a potential Biden win.

The factor that most worries experts is not so much the possibility of Trump refusing to acknowledge the victory, but the legal challenges presented by his campaign in several key states. prolong the uncertainty about the result.

State authorities have until December 8 to resolve any controversy that may arise regarding the election of its Electoral College delegates. On the 14th of the same month, its members meet in their states and formally vote for the president, something that the new Congress has to endorse on January 6.



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