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The other day, it has become clear that if the Democratic presidential candidate wins on 3 November, another world will welcome in, and that could affect us as well.

The wording was immediately rejected by Péter Szijjártó, the head of Hungarian diplomacy.

But Biden starts from the United States when he outlines his foreign policy ideas in an earlier writing.

Referring to the erosion of the democratic system in the United States under President Donald Trump, Biden envisages renewing it. published in the Foreign Affairs Journal. Domestically, it promises a reform of the education system that will provide opportunities for everyone without discrimination. Reflecting that the law that led to the mass imprisonment of people of color was tied to his name, the presidential candidate vowed to reform the judicial system. It also restores accountability and transparency in government operations.

Biden presumably suggests that the same will be expected of states in the American sphere of interest that will characterize the political system of the United States. It intends the White House to once again be a defender of democratic values, including freedom of the press, fair elections and an independent judiciary. And whoever does not meet these values ​​will face the Biden government. He also refers to this in supporting the country of origin of Central American immigrants: the one who takes the expected steps, the concrete reforms, gets the money.

The Democratic presidential candidate also pledged to reform the U.S. electoral system by outlining the establishment of a new agency, the so-called Federal Ethics Committee, to oversee campaign funding, especially foreign donations. And with this step at the same time

According to Biden, by leading the “most corrupt” administration in modern American history, Trump has empowered the kleptocracy spread to other countries in the world. In doing so, it warns not only authoritarian regimes, but also U.S. allies turning to authoritarianism. He also points out that Trump not only tolerated the dictatorial leaders of the world, but often praised them as well.

It intends to hold a Global Summit for Democracy in the first year of its presidency, at which the United States would set out its expectations: the fight against corruption and dictatorship, and the improvement and protection of human rights. The guests would express their intention to cooperate with the US by their appearance.

Biden indicates that during his presidency, they will monitor global money flows, tax havens, making it “harder for leaders to steal from their people under the guise of front companies”. The Democratic presidential candidate presumably wants to pinpoint what hurts most people with this: their wallets. This will force the leaders involved to work together.

Biden says to the technology giants, the operators of the social networks:

There will be an expectation that

According to the presidential candidate, American tech companies can expect a shorter leash and more supervision. But it is likely that his vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, will dispel the concerns of the Silicon Valley giants with whom he has good relations. The message is clear: you are cooperating because otherwise …

The Democratic candidate presumably wants to continue Trump America First’s policy of reviving the U.S. economy. Similarly, Biden envisages the long-term building of a strong economy that would build on the middle class: infrastructural developments, educational reforms, even greater access to health care, raising the minimum wage. It also states:



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