Biden vs. Trump, Fire vs. Water

Back in 2008, Joe Biden identified himself with the local mining community at a campaign event in Virginia. The statement was accompanied by several criticisms at the time, as the then 62-year-old politician could only think of his grandfather: the Democratic candidate was still a child when the last coal mines in his homeland were closed. But the elder, Joseph H. Biden’s work tool, was not the pick either. He graduated as a mining engineer and then worked as a director of Amaco, an American oil company founded by the Rockefeller family.

Reading contradictory stories about the financial background of the Biden family: some sources come from a poor, others from a wealthy, capitalist family. There is truth in both, but the latter is closer to reality. In his autobiography, Biden wrote that his father grew up in the greatest prosperity, as he put it, “he went on hunts, drove fast, and traveled frequently”. The furniture business he received from the family went bankrupt, so there was indeed a period in Biden’s life when his father maintained it as a car dealer with a boiler assembly.

Donald Trump was born a true “boomer” in 1946. The term is used in the United States to those who were born into the good after World War II in the United States, which became an economic power as a result of the war. His father, Fred Trump of German descent, has grown into a successful real estate magnate since the 1930s, benefiting greatly from government orders in World War II. Fred Trump was a tough, strict, industrialist-minded businessman who, according to Donald Trump’s niece, accepted nothing but victory and considered his mistakes non-existent. The current president of the United States had four brothers, two boys and two girls. Trump’s fortune is due to what his father founded, the family business he inherited instead of his brother. His father first intended the real estate empire for his eldest son, Fred Jr., but he became a pilot, disappointing his father and handing the baton to Donald. However, due to personal problems and tragedies, he reached for his glass and his health deteriorated. He died in 1981, at the age of 42. Donald Trump himself admits that’s why he hasn’t been drinking since.

Joe Biden met his first wife, Neilia Hunter, at the age of 24 in the Bahamas. They were married in 1966 and then had two boys and one daughter. However, the story ended tragically. In 1972, a few days before Christmas Eve, Neilia and her three children set off for a Christmas tree, but they collided with a truck in their car. Biden’s wife and daughter, Naomi, were killed in the hospital, and two sons, Joseph Beau and Robert Hunter, survived the accident with serious injuries.

According to his memoirs, Biden became deeply depressed, but in 1975 he was introduced by his brother, Frank, to English university student Jill Jacobs. They were married in 1977 and their common child, Ashley Blazer Biden, was born in 1981.

Trump was widely believed to be eating women. His first wife, the Czech immigrant Ivana Trump, was a fashion model, his second wife – the only one who was an American citizen at the time of their marriage – was actress Marla Maples, and the third was the current Slovenian immigrant model, Melania Trump. She has five children. he was born to Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Ivan, Tiffany Marla, the youngest, and Barron to Melania. The president was accused of nepotism when she made Ivanka, a businesswoman who successfully exploited Trump’s name, a presidential adviser, as did Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner. Kushner was tasked by the president with bringing peace to the Middle East. Ivanka and Kushner’s eldest child is fluent in Chinese, and the family also had business plans with China.

Donald and Eric Jr. take the Trump Organization, while Tiffany posts mostly on Instagram. 14-year-old Barron is still in school.

Biden was already familiar with the political profession at a young age and was elected a student representative in both primary and secondary school. He graduated from the university with a degree in history, political science and English with an average score: he ranked only 506th in the 688-year student rankings for the grade. He then studied law and worked in the law firm of a Republican politician. Interestingly, in the 1960s, he supported the campaign of a Delaware Republican governor.

Biden joined the Democratic Party in 1969 and then became a senator in Delaware in Washington in 1972. In the same year, he lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident. However, Biden did not resign.

As a senator, he passed a number of controversial laws. For example, as a member of the panel’s Judiciary Committee, he supported legislation that came into force in 1984, significantly tightening up the Penal Code, which, among other things, significantly increased the criminalization of marijuana use. In 1993, he supported a law banning military service for homosexuals, and in ’96 he advocated a decree banning same-sex marriage. The latter was also annulled in 2015 by the Supreme Court. Already as a young senator, he became interested in diplomacy, discussing the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromiko in the last years of the Cold War.

Biden ran in the 1988 presidential election, but was embroiled in plagiarism scandals during the campaign. He was first accused of plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock, the then leader of the Labor Party, and later found that he had borrowed a few thoughts from John F. Kennedy without reference. Moreover, in his speeches, he repeatedly exaggerated his previous successes, beautifying his university achievements, for example. He finally gave up the race in September 1987 and was hospitalized with a stroke a few months later. He underwent surgery, but a few months later, in May 1988, further complications arose which required him to undergo another brain surgery.

Biden (after seven months of forced rest) returned to the Senate, where he held several important positions. He was involved in the development of the fight against organized crime and drug policy in the Judicial Committee, and then chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Board for years. During the current campaign, several articles referred back to this period. Critics say the Democratic presidential candidate then built an extensive network of contacts that allowed the Democratic candidate’s son, Hunter Biden, to make lucrative deals in Ukraine and China.

Although Trump has repeatedly stated that he built his company on his own, he actually fell for the good. After graduating from university, he started working at the end of his father, and three years later, in 1971, he took over the company, which he also renamed the Trump Organization. However, it is a holding company under which a number of companies linked to the president operated. The companies have been involved in international real estate investment, renovations and construction, as well as business activities built under the Trump name. The name was what could be sold. Over the years, casinos, ice cream parlors, vodkas, books, steakships, “universities” have been established, often with controversial practices that have had legal consequences. Critics say Trump’s businesses have often failed, but the businessman himself has always fallen up due to his name, which can be attributed to several television appearances, books, and shows of success. Among other things, he shaved the head of the WWE president and told Kevin where the lobby was. She won the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 1996, and from 2003 she led the highly successful reality shows The Apprentice (The Apprentice) and The Celebrity Apprentice (The Celebrity Apprentice) until 2015.



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