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With the polls clearly in your favor and the enthusiasm shown by Democrats in the nearly 18 million early and mail-in votes that have already been cast for the November 3 elections, the night did not invite to the blows of effect, the outbursts or the bombastic headlines. Y Joe Biden he complied with the letter. The Democrat took advantage of his town hall and Filadelfia to do what Donald Trump did not let him do in the first debate between the two: explain in detail his program and show that after half a century in the corridors of power he embodies the stability that much of the country longs for. He did not have to show more than good sense, respect and knowledge of the ins and outs of politics to reveal the gulf that separates the two candidates.

It is evident by now that Biden does not have the magic of Obama, Clinton The Reagan to make the masses dream, but in this campaign he has only had to act as an antidote to the last four years of fury, division and noise to give credibility to your candidacy. It is what he sought last night by answering questions from the public calmly or by dwelling in great detail – sometimes too much – on his plans to deal with the pandemic or end the police abuse. From the beginning it was clear that he knows them all and knows the fine print of any of the big issues, be it the foreign policy as the roadmap of his party to transform the energy fabric of the country and combat the climate change. And although he has lost agility, he is not the senile old man that Trump struggles to present.

Without making criticism of the president the centerpiece of their conversation in Philadelphia, Biden once again reproached him for not telling the truth about the risks of the coronavirus. “He said he didn’t want to tell anyone because he was afraid that Americans would panic. But americans don’t panic. He is the one who panicked & rdquor ;. The democrat accused him of being more concerned about the Stock Exchanges than leading the country and said that under his administration he will put the necessary resources on the table so that both businesses and schools can operate with security guarantees.

For now, the democrat has circumvented the virus with a campaign that continues to avoid mass events and with the constant use of the mask, although his number two, the vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, has had to temporarily suspend her actions after two of his advisers tested positive.

Traditionally prone to lapses, the former vice president of Barack Obama is showing remarkable discipline in this campaign, in which he has also waded without too much trouble the scandals that the right-wing media have wanted to attribute to him in relation to your son Hunter’s business abroad. Last night he didn’t have to explain himself again. The moderator of ABC News, George StephanopoulousA once-in-a-lifetime advisor to Bill Clinton, he didn’t make life too difficult for him.

But he did insist on the question of how he will react if the Republicans impose his candidate in the Supreme court before the elections, as everything seems to indicate. “I don’t want that to be tomorrow’s headline and to divert attention from what the Republicans are trying to do,” he said. Before the moderator’s reply, he promised to reveal before the elections if he will bet on expanding the number of judges on the court, as many ask him in his party.

Biden waded through the pitfalls of the night without too much trouble, proving that he is better at the laid-back format of town hall than the cockfights of head-to-head debates. And he was particularly inspired to refute Trump’s foreign policy successes brought up by a voter for the president. “He ‘America first’ he has not achieved more than to do us ‘America alone’& rdquor ;, he said after wielding in detail the damage to the country’s reputation and its traditional alliances caused by the Republican.

Finally, a question that no one in your party wants to ask: what will you say if you lose the elections? “I could say that I’ve been a bad candidate, that I have not done my job well. But I hope I don’t have to say that we are as racially, ethnically and religiously divided as this president would have us believe. & Rdquor;



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