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Donald Trump has been determined throughout the electoral campaign to portray Joe Biden as a classic Washington politician and, at the same time, as a socialist or, at least, a puppet whose strings would pull the leftmost wing of the Democratic Party. However, it is another Biden story, that of his vital and political roots, which may end up tipping the scales at the polls to place him in the White House.

Biden built his presidential proposal in large part with a strategy that placed great weight on recovering Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Those are the three states in which for decades the call was raised Democratic wall that Trump managed to break in 2016 in front of Hillary Clinton. And all three are now fundamental again.

Very tight

Trump’s coup three years ago was given only 77,744 votes in the three states, enough to add up to the 46 electoral college votes they distribute. And now everything points to similarly tight results, but this time in favor of the Democrats. In fact, in Wisconsin Biden’s victory has been built, according to the votes counted so far, in 20,517 ballots. That of Trump, whose campaign on Wednesday announced that it will request a recount, was based on 22,748.

Tricks and legal battles They have already started in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where the process is advancing at a safe pace but with the slow pace set by rules and regulations and the skyrocketing rise in the midst of the mail-order voting pandemic. And with that vote being one that traditionally and overwhelmingly leans Democratic,

Biden is confident in the advances made in big cities like Filadelfia o Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania or Detroit in Michigan, as well as in its metropolitan areas. But also the preliminary data suggest that the Democrat phe may have managed to regain part of the workers’ vote to which Trump promised entelechies of jobs that would return and have not returned. They are not expected.

Fled forward

With a potentially against the ballot box, the forward flight that Trump and his campaign have encountered is not only that of the false declaration of victory but also that of the courts. This Wednesday, in addition to ask for the count in Wisconsin, the Republican team has announced lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan to stop the counting of votes.

Faced with the path taken by the president, the claims to “count every vote” grow, and they do not come only from Biden and the Democrats but also from the street. This same Wednesday in Philadelphia, a few blocks from the convention center where the authorities carry out this accounting, several hundred people have concentrated in a protest before Independence Hall.


“We have spent almost a month planning how to react because we knew how Trump was going to act, that he was going to challenge the dictates of the polls,” explained Abby Leedy, a 19-year-old young woman who is part of Sunrise Movement, the youth organization that is leading the fight against the climate emergency in the United States. “We are very prepared and very determined. And if Trump continues forward, mobilizations and non-violent resistance actions will grow,” he said.

Other organizations and activists have also designed that path of protests. They will first be focused on pressure campaigns against local and state authorities but, in the event that Trump arrives as he has threatened the Supreme Court, massive acts of mobilizations and direct actions, including strikes, can be expected in the US.

Trump, in any case, also has the mobilization of its bases. This Wednesday a group that was trying to access the building appeared at the place where the votes are being legally counted in Detroit. His cry: “Stop the vote.”



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