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The Global america knocks again at the doors of the world, as well as the America more possible, convinced of her ability to renew herself every time her socioeconomic model shows signs of exhaustion. These are some of the signs that this bumpy transition process is leaving, still hampered by the rejection of Donald Trump to accept their final electoral defeat. The team of the new president-elect prepares a abrupt break with the last four years of international isolation, internal policies of a reactionary nature and missing leadership. It remains to be seen what its seams and balances will be in the future Administration, where a fierce battle is expected between the most moderate sectors and the left of the party.

The countdown to the landing of Joe Biden in Washington it is serving to telegraph a marked change of cycle. The democrat threatens with a massive government intervention to get the country out of the crisis, the relaunching the dying unions to rebuild the middle class and a executive order storm to reinstate the regulatory building dismantled by its predecessor. Some plans that oscillate between the daring of New Deal released by Roosevelt during the Great Depression and the pragmatism championed by Barack Obama during the Great recession. The difference this time is that Biden will start from a much more precarious position, without the sizable majorities in Congress that allowed his predecessors to initially legislate as they pleased.

The Democrat will not even have time to adjust to the position. On January 20 he will inherit a sick and exhausted country for the pandemic. This is not an exaggeration. More than 150,000 new infections daily, many hospitals are once again saturated and experts predict up to 2,000 deaths a day when the president-elect takes over. Biden is aware of the disaster and prepares a rudder stroke. It intends to resort to laws of war to mobilize private industry in the large-scale manufacturing of personal protective equipment and diagnostic tests. Wants recruit 100,000 youth to be in charge of tracking the virus and help with the tests. And it talks about imposing the mandatory masks, a garment that Trump has managed to stigmatize among his millions of followers.

“Sloppy management”

“The first thing you have to do is get us out of this pandemic that Trump has made worse with his sloppy management, rebuild the economy in a way that is more sustainable and inclusive, and deal with division and inequality,” said the senator Christopher Coons, one of the Democrat’s confidants. Biden is reputed to be a toothless politician, a piece of the old I estatusBut the team that he has put together to fine-tune his government plans and take charge of his gigantic structure suggests that he has understood the scale of the moment. That team has more than 500 names, the vast majority with extensive government experience.

There are old acquaintances there Obama-Biden presidency, diplomats defenestrated by the vendettas of Trump or academics of recognized prestige. But there is also a clear purpose of diversifying the Administration. Of the 23 members charged with reviewing the plans of the Pentagon, 15 are women. At Department of State They are 18 of 30, led by a veteran black diplomat. The razor is not lacking in sharpness either. The team in charge of dealing with the Finance system is headed by the Wall Street’s fiercest detractors in Washington. “The bigger the bank, the more nervous he is,” said Cam Fine, the former president of a small independent bank union.

That transition team prepares to govern initially by decree because there is a good chance that the Republicans will keep the Senate control. It is enough for them to win one of the two seats pending a second round in Georgia. If that scenario is consummated, Biden will not even be able to confirm the members of his Cabinet without the permission of his rivals. Which makes it very difficult, for example, that I can name Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of the Treasury, one of the positions for which the left. “The good news is that we got rid of Trump; the bad news is that the moderates will dominate the new government “says in an interview Roger Hickey, a veteran activist from the party’s more progressive side.

Rebuild Multilateralism

In the international arena, Biden hardly needs Congress to try to rebuild multilateralism and claim the moral leadership squandered by its predecessor. The democrat has already announced that as soon as he takes office he will return to the Paris Climate Agreement, will stop the exit of the World Health Organization and will relaunch the nuclear pact with Iran. Much of the world awaits him like May water, as evidenced by the rush of the US allies to congratulate the new president-elect.

But everything will be much more difficult in national politics. Biden wants to invest four trillion dollars in public money to stimulate the economy, rebuilding infrastructure or piloting the transition to renewable energy. An impossible mission without Congress.

What you can do with your executive powers is to reverse the dozens of environmental and health regulations dismantled by Trump or redirect the priorities of each of the ministries of his Government. For the first day, prepare gestures of enormous symbolic charge: it will end the veto immigration from various Muslim countries and will regain protection for the undocumented who arrived in the country as children, the so-called dreamers.



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