Biden (or Trump) can win the presidency through these routes

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The whole world has been looking anxiously at the United States for almost two days. Joe Biden currently has the best tickets for the election win, but the race has not yet been finalized. Six states are still counting, and five of those six play a crucial role. Tensions are mounting, especially in Georgia.

The Roads for Biden: One other state besides Arizona

In our live blog we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Biden is according to news agency AP currently at 264 electors, Donald Trump at 214. One candidate must bring in 270 electors to become the 46th president. CNN on the other hand, is a bit more cautious and currently counts 253 electors for Biden. What makes the difference? The state of Arizona.

In Arizona, 88 percent of the vote is currently counted: Biden is almost 2.5 percent ahead of Trump. According to CNN however, no winner can be declared yet, because Biden’s big lead may still be overtaken. Other American media are more certain and argue that the difference is too great for that.

To draw such conclusions, we zoom in on so-called counties (a certain region with a local government within a state). If these are predominantly Democratic strongholds, the media are more willing to state that Biden has already won the prize. They also look at the number of votes difference and the number of votes that can still be received.

Assuming Biden drags into Arizona, he still has the task of doing it with another state. He is currently on track to also win Nevada, but only 75 percent of the vote has been counted here. Trump is currently still ahead in the other four states, but since post votes are mainly counted there, the differences are getting smaller by the hour. This is because Democratic voters in particular voted by mail.

So all eyes are now on Georgia, where they are furthest in counting the votes. Trump has been about 0.4 percent ahead of Biden since Thursday morning, which equates to about 16,000 votes. If Biden drags into this state, AP declare him the winner.

But what if Georgia goes to Trump anyway?

If this happens, Biden still has a high chance of winning as he catches up to Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Moreover, he is already ahead in Nevada, but this result will take a while.

Yes, the race has not yet been decided in principle. But then Trump must still win Arizona or Nevada, in addition to the states he now represents. If we add the electors of Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska, and Pennsylvania to Trump, he comes to 268 electors – two too few.



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