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Although US President Donald Trump’s Democratic Challenger, Joe Biden, has missed a second presidential candidate debate, two U.S. television companies have held a studio talk with the two politicians at the same time on Thursday night. It mainly discussed responses to the coronavirus epidemic, but also addressed a number of other relevant topics. MTI prepared a summary of what was said.

Democrat Biden criticized Trump’s epidemic and reiterated his earlier position that panic had taken over the president. He said Trump, although he knew how dangerous the coronavirus was, did not inform the public about it. He quoted an interview with the president in which he said he did not report publicly on the severity of the epidemic because he did not want to cause panic among Americans. Americans don’t panic. He panicked, Biden said.

Trump defended himself by acting on the advice of epidemiologists, including Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergological and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). However, he claims, Fauci often changed his position in judging and managing the epidemic.

To the question of why he didn’t wear a face mask and why he wasn’t more careful, Trump replied: I’m president, I have to meet people, I can’t stay in the basement. By that, the president was meaningfully targeting Biden, who was running much of the campaign from a studio set up in the basement of his house, and had only toured in recent weeks. The chairman also cited a member of the current advisory board, Scott Atlas, who has repeatedly questioned the usefulness of wearing a face mask.

Biden did not answer the question of whether, in the event of a possible victory, the staff of the nine-member federal Supreme Court will be expanded to include Democratic judges. I’m not a big believer in that, but I’m open to considering it at a moment, ”he said. It depends on how that is handled, he said, referring to the hearing of Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by the Republican President, and the expected vote on the candidate.

Trump, for his part, ruled out an open answer to a question about QAnon’s extreme organization or urging it to be condemned. Why don’t they ask Bident that too? He asked back. He claims he doesn’t know QAnon, he doesn’t know anything about them, all he has heard is that they want to take action against pedophilia. At the same time, the President reiterated his previously stated position that he had always condemned white superiority and extremist views.

The Republican president added to this what he knows is the antifa and the radical left, and he is aware of “how violent and evil” he is, and he also knows how to “burn” cities run by Democrats.

(Cover photo: Joe Biden in Philadelphia at a conversation moderated by an ABC television staff member on October 15, 2020. Photo: Tom Brenner / Reuters)



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