Biden defeats Trump and wins the United States elections

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The United States has a new president. Or so the polls have said. Joe Biden will sit in the White House, but not yet. It has one more stumbling block to overcome. To the Democratic candidate It has not been enough for him to reach 270 electoral votes, but he will also have to face the already announced legal battle that Donald Trump will present. The comeback in Georgia has assured the former Obama vice president his seat in the Oval Office, after having imposed himself in other key states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin. That is where Biden has supported his triumph.

But it is a triumph, for the moment, incomplete. Donald Trump resists and already announced before his defeat was certified that in “legal” votes he was the winner. Maintains the theory that the Democrats have “stolen” the elections and that the recount is therefore “illegal.” In fact, he has already contested that count in several areas, specifically in those where Joe Biden was rising like foam after several hours of Republican lead. However, Trump has broken several milestones for the worse: Florida and Ohio were sure of victory … until 2020. The president – currently outgoing – won in both states and has still lost in the general calculation.

“Stop the count” and “count all the votes.” They are two antagonistic but representative statements of what these elections have been. Depending on the scenario, Trump has asked for one thing or another. Biden, on the other hand, has opted for caution, although after his facade of moderation and centrism, he has been the winner almost at all times. Because except at the beginning of the count, it always has been. It is true that the night had not started well for him, but as the saying goes, the important thing is how it ends. Reading, yes, has a negative part for Biden: he has lost support in the Hispanic community and there have been areas in which the difference with respect to Trump has been smaller than it was in 2016 for Hilary Clinton.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has not been successful in mobilizing more votes. In a record election – the largest turnout since 1900 – both have become the most voted candidates in history. It is often said that the higher the vote, the more options for change. And that has happened this time. The coronavirus crisis, in itself, has not worn Trump down, but his outbursts have served to mobilize his opponents. You can talk about voting for Joe Biden, but you must also talk about rejecting Donald Trump.

In 2016, the president tied his victory in the hinge states. And that turn has been precisely the one that has consolidated Biden’s victory. Arizona and the rust belt (the industrial zone of the country) pushed the Democrat towards the White House. The turnaround in these states has been stronger than the deficit in others, such as Florida, and for that, in general terms, Biden can be satisfied.

It can be said that Biden left it all for last. It nearly soared over the horn in both Georgia and Pennsylvania, where Trump started with some advantage. There, again from the most urban vote, he secured a victory that, not because it is tighter, loses relevance. Polls consistently gave him an almost overwhelming winner in the months leading up to the elections. But the reality was different, hence counting each vote was essential for Democratic aspirations. The term “historic” is hackneyed, and more so this year, but if Obama wrote an important page in 2008, Biden has written the next in 2020.

“We are going to win this race with a large part of the nation behind us,” Biden said before the final result was known, in a short speech from Wilmington, the city where he resides in the state of Delaware. In the moderate and conciliatory tone that characterizes him, he did not want to throw the bells flying ahead of time, but He launched a message with two recipients: the citizens and Donald Trump himself: “Democracy works.”

Trump almost alone in the face of danger

Donald Trump thinks he has an ace up his sleeve, and in part he is. But at the moment of truth he does not have a bloc endorsement of his party. Only he and his nucleus go with everything towards the judicial route, which he believes he can win, since he has a majority in the Supreme Court. For now, many Republican governors have already warned that “the electoral result must be respected.” and therefore they will recognize Joe Biden as President of the United States. On January 20, whatever happens, the main chair in the Oval Office will have to be taken.

It is possible, in an extreme case, that it is the Chambers that decide the president. In the House of Representatives the majority are Democrats, with Nancy Pelosi at the helm, but instead the Senate would be dominated by the Republicans. This is also what Trump could cling to if he wants to be four more years president of the “greatest power in the world” which, these days, is being compromised by completely distorted elections. The scenario can be given that the result of the ballot box is useless. But for now, Joe Biden has won it.



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