As in Wisconsin, where he called for the count to be stopped because he did not have access to open ballots in multiple polling stations, Trump’s campaign team blames the same problem in Pennsylvania, the state with the most voters left. race. It also has problems identifying voters on ballots.

The state’s attorney general told CNN that the Trump campaign’s lawsuit is a “political document” rather than a judicial one.

“There is transparency in the voting process. Ballot processing is ongoing. There are observers watching the count, and it will continue, “he said.

“After a long night of counting, it is becoming increasingly clear that we are getting the states needed to win the presidency. I did not go out to say that I won, but only to report that at the end of the vote we believe that we will be the winners.

I won Wisconsin with 20,000 votes. In Michigan we are leading with over 35,000 votes and their number continues to grow. We have a consistently bigger margin than Trump in 2016 when he won the state.

Michigan will finish the count soon. I have a very good feeling about Pennsylvania. Theoretically, all the ballots that are still to be processed were submitted by mail, and 78% of these votes are for us in Pennsylvania.

I went back to Arizona and District 2 of Nebraska. We won the votes of the majority of Americans and everything shows that it is growing even more.

Senator Harris and I are about to win more votes than any president in history, over 70 million votes. I am extremely proud of our campaign, “said Biden.

Biden also stressed that he does not see America divided into red and blue states, but a single country.

There are only six states left to count the votes: Arizona, Alaska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Biden leads in Arizona and Nevada, both of which have a fairly significant lead. Trump leads the rest, but loses more and more ground in each of them, with the highest score being in Georgia. There are still hundreds of thousands of votes in Pennsylvania, and Trump has gone from 55% to 51.6%.
Trump’s chances are dramatically reduced, a path to victory only remains if he somehow returns to Arizona where there are still 600,000 votes to be counted.